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outstanding inspection but bad isr reviews?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by eviotti, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. how does this happen? Who should I believe?
  2. how does this happen? Who should I believe?
  3. Is it just the one bad review or many? Who was the inspection by? Perhaps the ones complaining on ISR just couldn't stand the pressure. High achieving schools with little work life balance aren't for everyone. You'll just have to read between the lines.
  4. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    If you take pleasure in the quality of your interaction with colleagues and young people, passionately love the subject you teach, and derive joy from successful 'learning outcomes' among your students, 'life' and 'work' will not be in dreary opposition.
    High achieving schools aim to employ teachers who understand and exemplify this noble truth.
    The most pathetic (in the true sense of the word) presence in your staff room today is the teacher who regards this job as a boulot, a burden or yoke to be endured for eight hours a day and shrugged off with relief in the evening and at weekends.
    This sort of person will develop cynical resentment of his or her more idealistic, hardworking and (therefore) happy and fulfilled colleagues. When, as inevitably happens, the healthy host organism finally rids itself of the parasitical foreign body, s/he is more than likely to head for somewhere like the ISR to vent and rant.
    Meanwhile inspection and (even more) accreditation teams are made up of professionals who want to widen their experience, develop themselves and bring back a benefit to their own schools, while helping colleagues in other schools to grow, develop and improve. They are willing to travel, work long hours and return to face a backlog of their own tasks, all without additional remuneration, in order to do this. Their report, outstanding or otherwise, represents the consensus of an impartial team, not the jaundiced spleen of one individual.
    Ii hope it's clear, eviotti, who I am encouraging you to believe.
  5. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    <u>correction</u> - there is in fact an honorarium for members of ISI inspection teams, in the UK or overseas. Last time I joined one, my trousers bulged to the tune of &pound;100.
    Members of CIS accreditation teams do the job gratis.
  6. thankyou for the productive information. I just thought that there were so many people giving negative reviews about SRS dubai and then the inspection reports are glowing. I am not afraid of hard work as long as it is worth it.
  7. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I would say, eviotti, there are inspection reports and there are inspection reports. I know of one school that passed its AdvancEd accrediation with flying colours, but it is not a school I would recommend to anyone. Furthermore, some SMTs are very skilful when it comes to telling inspectors what they want to hear and showing them what they want to see. In any case, an ISR review is written from a completely different standpoint. Lousy, cockroach-infested staff accommodation is something that features in many ISR reviews, but for some strange reason this is a matter rarely mentioned in inspection reports.
  8. I would hope not, school reviews are for schools.
  9. Hahahahahahahaahahahahah.
    SMT Dude this is better than anything you have ever written and quite the best wind up I read on here for ages.
    These teams accredit schools in Nigeria!
  10. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Indeed, most inspectorates do not see this as part of their remit.
    And anyhow, every teacher should enjoy a lousy cockroach-infested moment early on, as part of the honours course at the University of Life. Like undiscriminating and promiscuous consumption of sex, drink, drugs and banal music, it's a necessary stage although not one you want to get stuck in.
    My advanced age and lofty position render cockroaches inappropriate company now, but I remain grateful to the school that furnished the 'verminous moment' and would not have missed it for the world.
    Yes, and having identified the school I was able to read this one.
    Didn't exactly hew a big slice out of the working day, with its nine pages of large, well-spaced print. A very far cry from the 138-page document CIS produced for us, or the twenty-odd pages you would expect from ISI.
    A flimsy, brittle potato crisp by the side of CIS's massive firm hunk of biltong.
    Still, for better or worse these Cambridge people are accredited by the UK government to inspect British (-style) schools outside the UK, and even this flimsy document is harder currency than anything on ISR.
    In this regard the hippo takes a vacation from his usual good sense and is a 'believer'. But if ISR wanted anyone other than our mud-bespattered friend to take them seriously they could easily do so by requiring contributors to provide their names, or if that is too much like just and honest plain dealing, at least contact the head teachers whom they allow to be named so freely, and offer them right of reply.
  11. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Humour is an essential mainstay for those of us in our twilight years, oldgit, and I am delighted to have given you a belly laugh, although do be careful not to dislocate your truss.
    Yes, they do - CIS have two in that peaceful and enlightened country, and ISI one. My Nigerian contact tells me that these three are among the very few decent schools in the country.
  12. So does mine!
    And he gives me a few quid every time I write him a reference for the Home office so that his mate can marry my Polish sister again.[​IMG]
  13. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    Possibly, but don't you think that kind of information might be useful for teachers who are thinking of moving halfway around the world?
    And if you are thinking of doing the same, I hope you look beyond out-standing reports (however earnest they may be) and try and get some feedback from the people who are at the school on all of the non-inspection days and see the good bad and ugly that may not make its way into the inspection report (e.g. late pay, poor housing, dis-honored contracts, teachers fired at the drop of the hat).
    Possibly some or all of that would make it into a report, but possibly not if the Directors are clever and dishonest and the inspectors only speak privately with senior staff (as I have read in some reports). In any case, the more information, the better, with which to make important decisions.
  14. absolutely, the more information the more informed surely! However, I just want to know AN essential HOW MUCH THEY PAY!
  15. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    But of course. This is easier and easier to do nowadays.
    Take that for granted. Requisites for promotion.
    This cannot happen under the CIS accreditation (not inspection) model.
    Nobody could possibly disagree.
  16. siren622

    siren622 New commenter

    Don't believe the outstanding inspection...it doesn't exisit. Take it from one who knows!
  17. siren622

    siren622 New commenter

    Don't believe the outstanding inspection as it doesn't exist! Take it from one who knows...this school does not have an outstanding rating at all!!
  18. We heard you the first time
    actually our school was inspected recently and was given a glowing report which I truly believe they deserved.
    (note: I am not SMT/SLT and I have a small reputation for openly complaining about things)
  19. siren have you worked there?
  20. siren622

    siren622 New commenter

    Oops! [​IMG] Don't know why my message posted twice! Did say there was an error and to try again! Sorry!!!

    Nope not worked here. Just have had friends who have. The sentence about not touching it with a bargepole springs to mind.


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