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Outside perception of CfE

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by halfajack, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. halfajack

    halfajack Occasional commenter

    I know our dissatisfaction with CfE, and lack of training or development work to go with it, has been discussed on other threads but I thought I'd share this anecdote.

    At a recent CPD meeting a rep from a theatre arts group pitched what his group offered schools. He described the kind of activities they do and mentioned that they might be more attractive to schools now given the requirements of CfE. He then went on to say he wasn't a teacher and wouldn't pretend to know what we do but all he's doing is reading the documents and matching up the Es and Os with what they do - almost in an apologetic fashion. There were several murmurs of 'that's all we're doing' accompanied by giggles! Thoughts?
  2. Most of the public won't give a hoots about any curriculum, regardless of what it is. Parents will want their kids educated and most will view CfE as what we're paid for.
  3. At least they are reading the E's and O's. Most Theatre companies never bothered with the curriculum before! They must need the work.
    On a personal note, I am fed up being told that CFE is all about achievement versus attainment, new opportunities for pupils etc etc etc and on the other hand being told - no new courses to be offered, no stand alone units, attainment is still GOD!
    VERY disenchanted at the moment. And cold. And hungry.
  4. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Ditto Lesley,
    just spent an hour doing a "lesson plan" listing all the timings, outcomes, success criteria, evidence, resources and extension work so our school will tick the box saying that we are doing CfE. Thank God I have less than 10 years to go as there is a limit to how defiant I can be.
    When I was in S1 (about 30 years ago (and the rest!!)) we had a "new initiative" and every Friday afternoon we had "Leisure Activities" - that was where I learned how to debate properly and discuss issues, I've forgotted what else we did. The new S1s will probably get what they can out of CfE and then forget the rest. The topics they have done so far don't seem to be holding their interest and parents are complaining about their wee darlings not being challenged enough.
    Cold and hungry too (and it's snowing again)
  5. Lol Joni - I am supposed to have 19 years to go but I really cannot imagine still teaching by then! I will probably be dead, or sacked as my defiance knows no bounds! I am perilously close to telling it like it is!!
    On the plus side, I am sitting next to the radiator ( and it is ON) and I am eating a Ripple. Oh - and it's not snowing here, thank god.
    Happy Tuesday.[​IMG]
  6. I wish I had a Ripple . . .
    I've got plenty of Wrinkles . . .

  7. rofl
    yeh me too.... I'm eating ripples to try and fill them out a bit. D'ya think it will work?
    Finished the ripple btw. onto the extra strong mints now. Still got a sore throat tho........]
  8. Clearly not enough English grammar!
  9. I thought the forgotted was on purpose.
    (Betcha there's another grammar mistake in there too).
  10. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    that was a genuine mistake - I am too old for this, can I get a package please?!!!
    Grammar? I'm a Music teacher, not English!
  11. May be, jonny-baby, but you're responsible for English too under our beloved CfE!
  12. Don't worry BJ, I am keeping a count of grammatical errors as part of my responsibility for numeracy.
  13. piglet171

    piglet171 New commenter

    "Grammar? I'm a Music teacher, not English!"

    "We are all teachers of literacy............!!!!!"
  14. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    Oh dear......piggie, my comment was tongue in cheek!
    I mentioned ages ago (2009 in fact) how important spelling, grammar et al is in all subjects - my own especially, with all the Italian, German as well as English concepts we use in Music.
    Point I'm making is with "reinventing" and "wheel" springing to mind.........again! As for numeracy, well I can count, add, subtract, multiply AND divide in imperial and/or metric units; Health and Wellbeing is second-nature to me when I remember to take my HRT!!
  15. piglet171

    piglet171 New commenter

    So was my comment! Quote from a recent "collegiate" day at our local secondary!!
    PE teacher was struggling to work out how!
  16. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    well..............PE, Art and Music "teachers" are known as "specialists" nowadays in some schools, so maybe our Os and Es are different, hence confusion!
    Off the point a wee bit I know, but talking of confusion, a visiting tutor told me this week that SMT are now to be known as SLTs- which can be easily confused with "***" - literacy?
  17. 'Literacy' covers all forms of communication - not just the written word.I think there's also some stuff in some of the E's & O's about building self-confidence etc.

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