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Outrageous parent stories............

Discussion in 'Personal' started by JennyMus, May 3, 2011.

  1. ha ha...what is it about parents that won't have certain conversations with their children?
    I was asked to talk to a member of my tutor group about the need that she washes herself and changes her knickers on a daily basis during her period. The request was from the child's parent!
  2. About 10 years ago, I was new at a school. A year 9 boy thought it would be funny to bring a *** into class and pass it around. When I phoned the parents, Dad's response was 'I hope it's not one of ours from home.' I knew there and then I needed to find a more suitable establishment....
  3. There was the father who threatened me (thumping the desk with his fist at a parents' evening) when I was 6 months pregnant, because I had asked his son to remove an earring he wasn't allowed to wear in school, and his son had subsequently lost it.
    There was the father who wrote a letter of complaint to the LEA about me because I kept his son in detention for not having done homework. The guy had some clout, for some reason, and someone actually came into school from the LEA and I was summoned to see this person and the HEad "to explain myself"!
    There were the parents who accused me of systematically bullying their child because I expected her to work in my lessons

    I could go on... I've been teaching a long time! [​IMG]
  4. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Hmmmmm, what can that missing word be?
  5. ..the other end of the spectrum, so to speak, is of course that this sort of thing happens in FEE PAYING schools where, believe it or not, teachers are often paid less. It's the same mentality: I'm paying (taxes/fees/etc) and so - pleas supervise the ankle/maths/times tables. And before everyone falls out - Independent Teaching ain't no picnic.
  6. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I'm really curious about this one. I've tried and tried, but just can't work out what the *** was.
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  7. * When keeping a child in for not having done any work in an hour's lessons parent came in and said it was against the child's rights for it to be kept in and there isn't another school in the county where a Year 2 would be kept in for not finishing their work
    *Being told that the school should employ more men because as a single mother we should provide her child wih more role models.
    * Child in Year 4 had 20 minutes to write down their 10 spellings on Monday. On thursday Mum came and said he "would not be doing the test as making him do it when he hadn't got the words is setting him up for failure."He did, he got 4.
    * Another parent complainign that I hadn't done anything about our conversation which was 4 weeks ago, she remembered the date clearly. I pointed out I was actually in Spain on the date she claimed and our meeting had actually been just 7 days ago.
    * Caught a child writing in their own reading homework in the cloakroom so made them stay in as a punishment (as stated in the home/school agreement they signed). Apparently I shouldn't have kept them in becuase as they had not tried to hand the forged homework in yet, they hadn't been dishonest!
    * My personal favourite was the child in my class a few years ago who turned up late because Mum had been watching Big Brother live on E4+1 so was running an hour behind. She was an hour and a half late!
  8. Absolutely brilliant!!!! I have had a really off day today but after reading these am chuckling away merrrily...thank you everyone for the laugh...keep them coming[​IMG]
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  9. a 'marital' aid, imitating the male form. The censors removed the word beginning with 'd'. I must say, very little shocks me these days!!!
  10. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Oh! [​IMG]
  11. mrstiggywinkle123

    mrstiggywinkle123 New commenter

    Well I did think that one of my mum's was outrageous but having read the other replies I'm not so sure. I have one mum who gives me a particularly hard time. I teach a mixed age SEN class and this year we've been to London 3 times (we're going again next week), local theatre once as a class and once on a Saturday, local shops, whole school trip to the cinema, nearby shopping centre, walk of local area, local cafe and supermarket, Alms houses trip combined with social skills in Costa Coffee and the allotments! All visits are well planned and supported by social stories and symbols. When I told the parents that we were going out again, she told the other mum's that she thought it was despicable...They are all very supportive and have seen the difference that all these visits have made.
    Her lad really benefits from the visits but she just can't see it. Anyway, we're off to Buckingham Palace next week. We've written to the Queen to tell her that we're coming, we're making a map of our route up there and know that we'll see some familiar sites. The children are so excited.....and we're hoping to see Shrek soon. The children will LOVE it!
  12. In my first few weeks as a head of year, an NQT brought a carrier bag to me containing a latex cover for a vibrator (I was too naive to know they existed) Boy claimed to have got it from his mum's bedroom. Had to make call to mum from staffroom whilse everyone laughed. Mum 'didn't know where he had got it from' and failed to come in and collect it! Don't know why!!
  13. I had a mother come in & complain because I was teaching her (Year 5) daughter how to tell the time on a 24-hour clock. Her daughter found this too hard, she said, & ought to be excused from maths lessons which involve telling the time from now on ...

    Also, this morning, I had another mother phone up to say her daughter wouldn't be in today because her feet get wet yesterday :)
  14. A parent who came into school after an incident in which her child had been violent towards a girl in his class.
    Mum claimed it was a 'violation of his human rights' that the teacher in the classroom at the time had commented that her son had 'behaved like a mad man'.
    Never mind the poor girl's rights.
  15. Are you a Geordie then?
  16. I really feel sorry for younger teachers coping with broken Britain. I suppose that you have a job for life!! retire at 67 - **** pension - then who knows?? I wonder how many of you are waiting for the economy to pick up to go back to the private sector? Good luck to you.
    I have taught for 38 years and can safely say that it is **** now. I really feel sorry for younger teachers.
    By the way, I taught in B'ham for years and parents haven't changed that much. Difference was we told them what we thought of them and their little ones in the good old days. Most of the time they accepted that.

    Keep smiling!!! You never know your head may back you up and let you call the police when you are threatned by a parent. (notice singular)

    oh happy days
  17. Are you a Geordie then?!
  18. Yes its a shame and I too feel sorry for new teachers
    adding my bit a father arrived with his 6 wives to 6th form parent evening - non of whom spoke english - the son translated and they nodded - he could have been saying anything - but was a good student - those turing up post 16 tend to be its the others who won't come to meetings even when asked!!
  19. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Your first post in 5 years, wenny

    Top lurking ....

  20. In reception last year we were busy settling in our new starters and got an 'urgent' phone call from one of the mums. I quickly ran to the office and picked up the phone only to be asked 'Can you find out what shoe size ... is 'cos I'm at the outlet store and there's some really nice shoes here but I can't remember what size she is'.
    Also parent came in with cardigan, gave it to me and then handed over a button. 'You couldn't sew that on for me could you?'
    There's loads more like this but I'm very glad to say nothing horrible (well except for the toilet type requests).[​IMG]

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