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Outdoor Provision, how do you run yours?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by louisea, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. louisea

    louisea New commenter

    A school local to us were recently criticised (although this is an outstanding school) in their EYFS classroom because the outdoor area did not reflect the indoor area!!
    My outdoor area is similar (sort of) to my indoor, as like you I have sand/water/role play/mark making/reading area but then put out additional things to enhance.
    I think there should be some consitency, what are Ofsted looking for (do we really care) compared to what our local EY advisors tell us to do. Since joining EYFS I have found lots of mixed meassages about provision.
  2. Please stop worrying about what other people tell you. If you really believe in your heart that they have some constructive critisism then take that on board but these are YOUR children. YOU know them and should be able to provide what is best for them.
    Some days I allow children to self-choose from all resources in our shed. Other days I put out what I want them to play with and then enhance or redirect their play if it has becomes dangerous or high risk. The outdoors does not need to mirror the indoors - what would we do with those trees that get in the way, or the rain that falls from the sky! The outdoors is a different provision and whilst some activities work outside others don't and vice versa!
    Please just stop to think for a moment and consider what you feel is best for your children and then figure out a way to provide it. When others come justify your decisions.
    Good luck.
  3. Hi, We have tried to keep our outdoor area specifically for things that cannot easily be replicated indoors. We have a climbing frame, milk crates to build with or make paths and obstacle courses, a box with various lengths of wood and branches etc, a sand bit with large digging toys, a bike track encased by tyres to prevent them taking over the area, a shed with musical instruments in and a wooden stage. We also have a digging area. We have a water area and a minibeast pit. We also made a super hero role play area as our boys are into superheroes. We also try to encourage writing through the super hero area with props and resources. It's what works for you really we have tried both ways but found that things got spoiled and lost outside eg plastic toys, role play, books etc so decided to make the resources/activities appropriate for the outdoors.
  4. Thanks Lilyput you are right about being confident and doing what you feel is right for your own children.
    Josephabigail thanks for your message too. I really like the sound of your area and think something similar would work really well for us.

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