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Outdoor Learning Dissertation

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by beccaloo12, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. beccaloo12

    beccaloo12 New commenter

    Happy New Year everyone :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

    I am starting to think about my dissertation and am strongly passionate about outdoor learning in the EYFS. I am currently a TA working in a reception classroom so I can gain a lot of experience and opportunities over the next few months collecting data and evidence. However, I am struggling to compose an actual question.

    I know that I would like to compare our education system in England to Scandinavian countries and discuss the key differences. I have touched upon this in previous essays and have found the research very interesting.
    I also need to move away from the idea of risky play being a central topic, as it is a very popular within my cohort.

    If you have any dissertation questions around outdoor learning in the EYFS that you would like to share, I would be extremely grateful.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    Hi there. I think you need to refine down your idea which will then lead you towards a working title. So you mentioned wanting to do a comparative study? How will you access people working in other countries? Eg to complete questionnaires or interviews? Is it therfore practical to do this?
    as you're working with children right now, is there anything you have free reign to do in terms of action research? Is this allowed in the confines of your study?
    What particular aspect of outdoor play fascinates you? You mention you don't want to explore risk. What about exploring key trend themes like resilience or self regulation through outdoor play? Or if you have a curriculum interest, say maths outdoors?you have to have a real passion for what you choose so really think about what floats your boat and go from there.
    Good luck.
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  3. beccaloo12

    beccaloo12 New commenter


    Thank you very much for your guidance and support. You make a very good point about the comparative study, in which case I may just make reference to differing teaching methods within the assignment but not make it my main focus. Yes the choice is mine and have done several action research projects in the past. Therefore this could be an option. You have suggested some great ideas, I was thinking about focussing my dissertation on maths outdoors and especially now after having a really inspiring maths workshop for our inset day today. I also love the resilience idea. Will have a look into the research and see what I can find.

    Once again thank you very much for you help :)
  4. Gsr25

    Gsr25 Occasional commenter

    I’m a forest school leader but also lead other forms of outdoor learning. Feel free to pm if I can help in anyway.
  5. SivaPK2021

    SivaPK2021 New commenter


    Am new here. I would like someone to please help me. For my research project, I would like to focus on play and development. However, I can't seem to narrow it down and create a question. Is there anyone who has done similar topic if so please do help me.
    Thank you
  6. SivaPK2021

    SivaPK2021 New commenter

    Hello, have you got any suggestions about Role play and how it supports children with language
    Thank you
  7. Stephanie1976

    Stephanie1976 New commenter

    Hi I am also in the process of developing an research question for my dissertation. Any comments reccomened on my ideas: A study on how the outdoor environment can aid towards the development of speech and communication of children with EYFS.

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