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OUTDOOR AREA large wooden numbers

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by jel65, May 22, 2011.

  1. hi there,
    having tried very hard to find large wooden numbers to fix to the fence in our outdoor area i eventually persuaded my husband cabinet maker to make a set for us! they are 50cm tall and made of waterproof birch plywood - we will be painting them with the children using poster paint and PVA glue tomorrow and then getting the caretaker to varnish and fix them to the fence and brickwork! very exciting! if anyone is also interested in purchasing a set please let me know?
    obviously no need to explain how useful they will be... :)
  2. What a good idea!
    Love to hear about cost etc!
  3. How bizarre, I've just been trying to sort thisout myself as I can't find any to buy anywhere! I would be very interested. Email address is ahaywar2@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you!
  4. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Whata coincidence.
  5. Hi jel65
    Please could you let me know the cost and if you could email me a picture, i would appreciate it, my email is nandita_261@fsmail.net
    Many thanks
  6. hey, ive painted the numbers with the children and varnished them - they look fab! Put them up in our outdoor area this week - sure the children will love them when they see them after half term

    thinking of getting hubby to make me a big set of shapes and some big bugs to enhance our wildlife area too :-O

    let me know if you're interested in having some and will email you prices etc?
  7. Very interested in numbers.
    Could you e mail a cost please.
  8. Sounds like a fantastic idea, please could u send me the prices of all 3 sets. would be great to see the finished product. thanks
  9. This sounds fab, what a clever hubby!! Please can you send me pics and prices too.
  10. Watmore

    Watmore New commenter

  11. Again, can you send a picture and give me the cost please?

  12. i don't know but i can try?... do you know how i could do that?? ta j
  13. Hello

    We would be interested in finding out how much a set of numbers would be?
  14. Upload them to the resources section :)
  15. Aaaah thank you - think i have just done it :) - im not really technology minded, i bought a new memory stick last week and it took me aaaaaages just to find a way of getting it out of its packaging!!! ;-)
  16. ok one last thing ......

    price for a set of exterior birch ply 50cm numbers 1-10, supplied 'ready to paint', with fittings and exterior varnish and including P&P is £155 + VAT

    .... inbox me if you're interested
  17. Hi
    I'm starting a new job in September and will be developing the Outdoor Area there as well as at my current school .The numbers sound perfect and I'd really like more details. My email address is heatherstrudwick@btinternet.com. Thanks!

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