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Outdated and Incoherent RE Curriculum

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by countfolke, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. countfolke

    countfolke New commenter

    What do you all think of this article on TES? I personally share some of the concerns and have I am going to make some sense of it on my new blog. If anyone is interested and has some time spare, please have a look. Part 2 will be about the potential role of spirituality in education and I'll put that up in a few days.
  2. differentiated

    differentiated New commenter

    I would rename the subject something like Comparative Religion and Belief Systems, and throw in a big chunk of secular and humanist thought. I might even insist that one religious belief is only ever discussed or studied in relation to at least one competing theory. Taught well, it could be a great part of the syllabus.
    I don't (yet) teach, but the impression I get is that R.E is currently taught inventively and thoroughly in some schools.

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