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Out of the ark wind in the willows...

Discussion in 'Music' started by mjc100, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi Lizzy,
    Very glad to hear that you are thinking about trying Wind in the Willows, many schools have thoroughly enjoyed staging this production in recent years. If you contact me directly, i will help you with an approval copy for your head to have a look at matt@outoftheark.com
  2. I am planning to do some music and singing based on the text Wind in the Willows. Did you use Out of the Ark Wind in the Willows songs? I have listened to some of their sample clips on their website and was impressed. A few years ago I did Henry VIII as a short play for the parents at the end of the Tudor Project in Year 3, using the Out of the Ark resource. Let me know how you got on Lizzy71.
  3. The songs are very catchy, but might not work out of context if you're not using the script?
    As a show, I think it's excellent and have put it on twice now. As a general teaching resource, it's not that expensive - I'm sure if you contacted Out of the Ark they would quote you a reasonable licence cost (based on previous experience I'm guessing it would be around the £40 mark?)
  4. We did do this last summer. It was brilliant! The children loved it and the parents loved it. The children are still singing some of the songs now as they wonder around school!
    And the Out of the Ark people were very helpful with the copy to look at and dealing with all my questions!
  5. Thank you everyone for your help. I contacted Out of the Ark. I have received a CD and Teachers book containing script and other helpful ideas to help with using the music in my classroom.

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