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Out of curiosity - Bobdog, are you still about?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by GobbyLittleMare, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. I was just remembering the good old days :)
  2. I was just remembering the good old days :)
  3. I have seen posts from Bobdog in the last few months[​IMG]
  4. I love Bobdog - he's a like a comfortable uncle.
  5. Is Bobdog a 'he'?
  6. Most definitely a 'he' - he spent most of 2007 telling us about his prostate. He used to be called something to do with cats, but it sounded too feminine so we got him to change it.
  7. Jencat! Hiya Gobby! I'm still alive and kicking. Asked after you on here some while back but no reply ... are you well?
  8. Bobdooooooooooog! (Jencat, that was it - knew it was something that sounded girly!) I'm very very well thank you - how are you? Are you still bestowing wisdom left, right and centre? I haven't been about for aaaages. (Strange how teaching does that to your time!)
  9. I've sent you a private message - check it out. We've all ******** off to Facebook and don't show up on here very often.
  10. Hi Bobdog and Gobby! Just thought I'd pop in for old time's sake (it's very boring here these days - don't you find everyone far too serious!)
    Said 'hello' of Facebook - although I don't frequent that much either.
  11. Perhaps they all need to hear a few 'tales of the prostate'?
  12. No, we were just an exceptional year-group. :)
  13. Ohhhh it's like a reunion!
    Cals - our 'weight maintenance' thread has got lost - how you doing?
    Sam_Bow x
  14. Class of 2007 reunion!
  15. Drinks all round?![​IMG]
  16. Make mine a double :) x
  17. Cheers folks (even though it's not yet 9 am!)
    Hi Sam - yes, I think people who had 'lots to lose' were a bit miffed! I'll bring it up again, though, as due to the holidays, I'm going up again.

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