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Our thoughts on Parentview??

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by 24601_, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. When I buy a TV, etc. I always check out reviews written by other consumers about both products and retailers and find this useful. Why should consumers of the education system, that they entrust their children to and pay for in taxation, not be afforded the same facility?
  2. This is a view I have heard before. It is symptomatic of an appalling lack of respect many teachers have for parents. Too many teachers see it as their right to sit in judgement on parents. And to be frank, their sneering self-righteous tone is sickening. We are all part of a system that should put its own house in order before criticising others.
  3. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Has it not dawned on you that many of us are parents and teachers?
    I have lost count of the number of times I've had to deal with a raging parent at 8.30 am whose child has told them half a story which they've believed and when the full circumstances are explained they apologise and are contrite. Usually "I'll crack/kill the little b.... tonight when I get him home " falls into the conversation.

    Now those parents won't have to wait until 8.30 to rant and rave they can do out straight away on parentview, and get their mates to join in. You might think this is a judgemental vies of parents but I've seen this happen with lots of my friends on Facebook.
    This site is open to abuse and schools have no comeback. At least when someone calls me an ****** c... On Facebook I get to know about it and can have a word.
  4. mychuck

    mychuck New commenter

    24601 - sorry you find my tone "sneering, self-righteous and sickening". All a little harsh I feel. I am a parent and I am a professional who has unfortunately been at the recieving end of some misplaced comments by parents who frankly have heard half a story and do not fully understand the system. I was told by one parent that it wasn't her job to hear her child read at night or to share a story as she was a full time working mother - I was there to teach her child. I have also been asked to have more homework clubs etc so that children can do homework at school as parents didn't have time for that sort of thing. As a parent myself, I enjoyed hearing my child read and sharing learning etc. I didn't have children so that I could totally pass the responsibilty for their learning on to others. It annoys me when parents don't know the name of their child's class teacher and are not sure what themes their child is currently discovering but then can comment on some anonymous website about the standards of teaching and the progress their child is making. I even had a parent tell me that the curriculum was too creative for reception and that her child wasn't doing any work. That is just a lack of understanding about how children learn. I also get fed up with parents talking about behaviour and bullying in a school when it is a one off fall out amongst friends.
    Parents can be well informed but they can also get it wrong. I send out annual questionnaires where I can ask questions which are more focussed. I also have an 'open' section for comments. I do like parents to sign these so that I can work with parents for the development of the whole school. On Parentview I have no way to help support or work with parents who are dissatisfied as it is anonymous. That is not me being self-righteous, sneering or sickening as you accuse me of being but of working to develop the school as a partnership.
  5. missbloggs

    missbloggs New commenter

    This is absolutely true. We have found out via the grapevine that our 1 response has been put on by parents who took their child out of our school over a term ago following a ridiculous set of events. Even the solicitor they involved told them, and us, that the school had absolutely no case to answer and we had done everything by the book. Sadly they thought their child was a complete angel who liked to 'sit quietly reading' - they didn't see him on the playground spoiling for a fight every day and swearing his head off. (Oh sorry I forgot, their child didn't know any swear words...) They accused us of all sorts and when they realised they, and their child, were in the wrong they took the child out. However, they have tried to use Parentview to 'exact revenge' - is the phrase they used.
    This site is so open to abuse it's beyond belief. I would happily questionnaire all my parents annually with the questions if that's what was wanted, but this method is wrong on so many levels. I would, incidentally, quite like the opinions included of the sadly large number of my families who don't have internet access, or an e-mail address for instance.
  6. All of what you've described is very common. Our role is to gradually support parents to understand. You are going the right way and it will work over time. Keep persevering with information sharing. Ignore stupid fad desperate vote finding by the government. Education has ticked over pretty unchanged and ok for 100 years or so. They don't have much impact.

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