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Our school's on itunes!!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mandinie_2000, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. As you can imagine, we're all pretty excited!
    We recently wrote and recorded a charity Rugby World Cup song with a professional musician and producer and it's now been launched for download on itunes, as well as Amazon, Napster, lastfm and cdbaby.
    The proceeds are going to the New Zealand Earthquake fund and the Wooden Spoon charity so we're hoping to get as many downloads as possible!
    If you'd like to have a listen (and maybe download...) then you can search for 'Rise' by Chase Bridge Primary or follow this link to amazon:
    Thank you in advance :D

  2. Nice one! Who's the (adult) lead singer? I recorded a bunch of songs written for school performances long time ago. Wonderful experience for the children. More schools should do it, and probably can with more accessible technology.

    Very professional job. Great song
  3. Thanks! We can't stop singing it, even in the staffroom.
    The lead singer is a session singer from the studio but she loved working with the kids and has recently been on TV!

    Tech has definitely come along in recent years so hopefully it'll take off. Numu is a great way for schools to share music for free though...
    Glad you enjoyed, and please spread the word as is all for a worthy cause.

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