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Our deputy never teaches...

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by waterfall9, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Our deputy head has never taught, never covers and yet judges other teacher's lessons. She hardly ever speaks in meetings and usually points people in the direction of other people when asked for information or help. Is this normal anywhere else?
  2. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Wow! where can I find a job like this? It sounds wonderful.
  3. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    What DO they spend their time doing?
  4. sounds like someone got a bit of feedback they did not like!
    I'm sure she does something.......but that's really nothing to do with you I guess. Then again if you are the head I suppose you really should find out!
  5. Are you primary or secondary?
    I'm primary and have never seen my head take a class since I've been there - 6 years!
  6. same at ours. Deputy pretty useless. Just waiting to retire
  7. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Same here- our DHT doesn't take groups or anything, but comes in and judges us according to her tick list. Mind you, our SENCO never teaches and neither does 2 of our 4 AHTs.......................(big primary school)...........but they are very good at creating forms for the rest of us to fill in, so that MUST be what they do all day................
  8. I think this depends on size of school doesn't it and type? If your school is succesful and these non teaching people support teachers to improve then that's good. I am a Head of a middle sized primary & enjoy escaping into teaching to get a break from all the other things I have to do. My DH & AH are brilliant teachers but I have to get them out of the classroom to support others and to share out all the other jobs that have to be done but which we don't bore teachers with.
  9. admin....charts for governors. i-phone chats, and delegating when problems occur....'It's not my area...ask X'
  10. No she does NOT! believe me, I do not get feedback from her as I am in different phase. But any I had in past was fantastic, even called me in to support in behaviour (Not my role). My colleagues are suffering, if only you knew. This is no bitter vindictive teacher. I am worried for my colleagues...
  11. ditto wish I'd applied
  12. Hey everyone,
    She really only avoids us and does admin. Her targets are all achievable via delegation. Children are rarely on her radar. Every problem has to be written down but mostly she claims it is not her remit. She can be aggressive when cornered. I am not at all a weak teacher or had any 'bad feedback'. My own phase is very successful. I wanted to know if others have such a person, as we cannot do anything...It is bringing staff morale down. Headteachers would you allow this?
  13. Ahhhhh Seagulls, we have a licence( which included lots of lovely training) to shoot them off our roof with a high powered air riffle, they are a pest. We've tried oiling eggs, putting up plastic hawks, even a pink flamingo, nowt worked. Now my caretaker slides up onto the roof of an early morning/late afternoon, slips into his hide and takes them out. It has made the playgrounds much safer and we no longer get dive bombed during sports day-when the beasts believe 1000 kids/parents/grandparents/hangers on etc. are gathering to steal their chicks!!!! It gave the obstacle race a whole new angle!
  14. That is brilliant! How exciting, taking a gun to work. My caretaker is in late 60's and gets dizzy when he stands up.
  15. thanks for all the replies...we thought we were going mad...it is like a carry on film. Politics play a huge part here, she is untouchable and the s*** has not hit the fan for the years, not retirement age either. She just pulls a sickie when any chance of s*** hitting fan.....sigh............give me seagulls any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. want to borrow a high powered air riffle and pretend your school is the dallas book deposetory?
  17. Back to the OP.
    The DH surely has a job spec - which they presumably are fulfilling.
    If the HT has decided not allocating a number of teaching hours - then your gripe surely lies with the HT not the DH?
    If you have such issues with the feedback you receive from a now non-teaching DH (who may have significantly more epxerience than yourself), then take the Bull by the Horns, as I encourage anyone I observe to do, and ask what they would have done differently in practical terms (and without going on the offensive) and perhaps ask them to come in and demonstarte.
    I do know many "good" SMTs that would do this - we do - but some may palm you off on another teacher who does what is being expected.
    Either way, you get to see what is expected...
    I wonder how you would cope with the mountain of tasks that DHs have to do - often in many ways more than a HT, AND to plan and teach effectively on a regualr basis? I knwo there are some that manage it - but to that well is very hard, regardless of establishment type and size.
  18. The DH does not give me feedback as is not my phase. I have much more teaching experience than her. She does not teach at all and yes the head is allowing her that choice (not even last minute cover!!!! non teaching end up doing it). Job spec is great on paper, but actual tasks for the specs are delegated to others. No point colleagues asking her to demo a lesson (I have no contact with her as I've demoed lessons many times for my colleagues), she declines, saying she is too busy. Head supports this as 'it is not her calling'.
    I do a mountain of tasks and am full aware of the tasks real DH's do. There is no impact or support for any of my colleagues from the DH. Believe me I am neither disillusioned, bitter or weak as a SMT. I would not mind a weak DH who tries to do her job, she refuses to do anything whole school, and feigns ignorance if asked for help, off sick if out of comfort zone.....etc. etc. It is bringing morale down. I just wanted to know if it was something other schools suffered, as we feel it is so wrong. Only one reply says their school suffers from same, but is retiring, this DH is younger 40's. Hey ho.....
  19. One of the best and most succesful heads I have worked with taught a year 7 - 11 class, just one group from each year group, the good and the bad. He was in touch with the students and the issues of a changing curriculum. The kids also had a lot of respect for him.
    The worst head I ever, ever worked for never taught a lesson but had the audacity to meter out reels of suggestions and inane comments, never in a pleasant or constructive way but in your face and pointing. I think teachers should be judged and graded by other teachers not by SMT who simply never teach a lesson.If they teach - no problerm. It very easy to say what should or should not have happened we can all do that, but the good teacher plods on relentlessly day after day regardless. I say if you want to criticise then lets us see you teach!!
  20. Head teachers are employed to recruit, train, support and judge teachers. Most are really successful at this without needing a class to prove themselves.

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