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'Our Day Out' DVD (with complete schemes of work)

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by pontyboy99, May 31, 2006.

  1. ***** Russell's 'Our Day Out' DVD (with complete schemes of work).

    Same as previously discussed on here... DVD of the TV film, which has been transferred from VHS to DVD especially for teaching purposes now that it cannot be bought anywhere - split into chapters for use within the classroom - complete with schemes of work...

  2. Still very much available........ :)
  3. Still more available, thanks to Daisy. :)
  4. woohoo! thanks ponty and daisy.

    mine arrived today. chuffed to bits.

    Will make next week fun for my year 8s and 9s.
  5. Fantastic, thank you.

    The second resource i got from pontyboy and daisy this week.
    Will be handy for the new term!
  6. Could do with some advise on how to get hands on this or any drama related stuff and not English for GCSE or Y9 level of Our Day Out please advise to Ceredwin1@aol.com
  7. impis

    impis New commenter

    some of it's on youtube anyhow:

  8. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Our Day Out was recently repeated on BBC4 as part of the Liverpool season.
    This was obviously a very good-quality broadcast, as opposed to the "transferred to dvd from a vhs in the back sitting room" that pontyboy was selling.
    He no longer "trades".

  9. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Actually, resources my dear, *I* transferred the film digitally from Umatic to DVD while I worked at the BBC as an assistant producer. And it was *this* that Pontyboy was selling.....
  10. Hi

    Looking at the dates, I guess this is a bit of a long shot, but do you still have available the our Day Out DVD and scheme?
    sue F
  11. I am really interested in getting hold of a copy of the Our Day Out DVD. If you could let me know the name I would be very grateful.
    Thanks Angie

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