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OU Secondary Maths PGCE Interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lindajack, May 7, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I have just been notified that I have a PGCE interview for maths at the open university soon and am in a state of panic about the maths task. I did my degree 20 years ago and am very rusty to say the least. The OU support centre won't tell me whether the task is maths questions. Can anyone who has had an interview there recently help me out ? I plan to do some of my own study before a september start but have not looked at any of the A level stuff yet. May be OK on GCSE level but have no chance of getting up to speed in two weeks.......Any help anybody please ......

  2. I recently did the PGCE Science interview. I didn't look at the Maths question, but the Science task was based around KS3 Science, pupils misunderstanding and helping to correct their understanding. The maths task may involve graphs, but I don't think it is high level maths. I would maybe look at a couple of basic revision guides.
    I could have done with brushing up my Physics and Biology, but I managed with a little thought, although there isn't much time. Don't panic, it isn't an exam but a test of basic understanding and the ability to explain.
    However if you just look at some revision stuff you may find you know far more than you think!
  3. Thanks for your help. Now I have got over the initial shock I am feeling much better.
  4. Hi. I hope you don't mind my asking for your advice? I have my secondary science interview next week and am really worried about the written task. Is there anything in-depth about it please? I have bought some science revision guides but am still scared I won't know enough. How did you find the presentation part? I think I have that covered, but am not sure. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Tegan.
  5. Hi I have the PGCE secondary school mathematics interview next week. Could you please advise me about the presentation. They say it should be about a key idea or aspect that is relevant to my subject. Should I just take one topic, e.g. probability and make a presentation??
    Very much looking forward for your suggestions

    Nadia Rehman

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