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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Olla, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Is there anyone out there who has applied for the OU PGCE and can give any advice on the interview and selection process - thats if I get that far?

    Many thanks
  2. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    I'm just filling in the application form at the moment - so will be interested in replies to this thread!
  3. i have just got a date through for an interview, so i will be interested to hear what any one has to say!
  4. MrsBridgewater

    MrsBridgewater New commenter

    Good luck gamble! When is the big day? What subject are you going for? Look forward to hearing all about it!
  5. Geography..10th April..oohh
  6. Hi all,

    I am currently on my level 3 OU placement of my PGCE so pretty close to the end.

    The interview consists of some OU tutors, my specialism is music so I was with other likely candidates.

    Having experience is key to the interview, fortunately I had been working as an instructor in a school for 6 months prior to the interview and been a peripatetic teacher in schools for 6 years so had a good grasp on music in secondary schools.

    It was apparent that the other students in my interview had no idea of the reality in the classroom.

    We had to firstly complete a documents checklist, i.e. GCSE certificates, degree certificate, ID etc

    We then had to complete a written task which was based upon our presentation we were going to do. In my presentation I discussed a topic not a single lesson. I talked about the topic how it fitted in with a scheme of work, what pupils would learn, how, SEN, differentiation etc. The others' presentation was on a single lesson, I showed a scheme of work I had prepared made it into a booklet and handed these out.
    This is what they wanted not a single lesson, one candidiate was talking about getting year 9 pupils to sing 'twinkle twinkle little star' and clap out rhythms.... Get real a year 9 class of mixed ability children who have not opted to take music as a GCSE are not going to be remotely interested.

    After the presentations the tutors would ask questions such as one candidate talked about ICT and all this wondrous activities relating to music and the tutor said "How would you deliver this lesson in a school with no ICT facilities for music, they do exist". So just be prepared...

    The tutors then gave us an article to read which we had to then discuss collectively.

    I hate anyhting like this but you need to show willingnes and appear confident brush up on current education issues and get involved with a school if not already.....

    Hope this helps, it was not as bad as I expected just be prepared.....
  7. Mine was for science. We did all give short lessons, including an explanation of why we chose that topic. They were very relaxed. It tells you in the preparation for interview notes what's expected. It was very informal.
  8. Hello,

    I've been searching this forum trying to find information on the Open University PGCE. As you have reached level 3, and are probably finished by now, ( I see your comment was written in 2008) you might be able to help.

    I would really appreciate some feedback from someone who has done the course.
    I am trying to plan for the future and get a grasp of how much time it's likely to take.
    I've just been through a very slow and exasperating application process, and expect now to finally begin in January.

    1. In the handbook it says the Needs Analysis and 10 day placement can take 3-4 months..
    This seems very slow to me for what is involved. I'm hoping to do my needs analysis in 2 weeks, have my tutor meeting and go immediately to my 10 day placement which is already agreed with a school. Is this realistic?

    2. Is it possible to complete the assessment portfolios while doing the school placements?

    3. How much time will I need to leave between school placement to carry out the 'up to 120 hours' of module study?

    I have already completed a masters so I am able to be very focused. I am hoping to to just throw myself into it and get it completed as quickly as possible.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.
  9. 1. In the handbook it says the Needs Analysis and 10 day placement can take 3-4 months
    I think that is up to 3-4 months. You can get through it faster than that, within the limits of what the school can offer.
    2 Is it possible to complete the assessment portfolios while doing the school placements?
    No. Your portfolio will use things done during your placements - and once past needs Analysis and into the level placements, you will be too busy anyway.
    3 How much time will I need to leave between school placement to carry out the 'up to 120 hours' of module study? I
    Well, do the sums. 120 hours of study at 40 hours/week = 3 weeks! But be warned - the materials are dense and can be quite hard going. 40 hours/week might well fry your brain.
    You will not complete it in less than 12 months. 18 months would be more realistic - that's the average time taken.
    (the cat who <u>knows</u> about this stuff!)
  10. Do you have any knowledge of anyone completing this in less than a year. I gained 90 out of 120 credits in a previous PGCE. I didnt complete the rest due to a family trauma. I then did 4 years as a supply teacher and have only now got a placement with the OU and have been told i will be put on a level 2 out of a possible 3. With the experience I have I presumed I would have been out on level 3 and only needing 2 school terms to complete. Do you have any comments to add in regards to your knowledge of the PGCE's with the OU and its levels 1-3.


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