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Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by vayne, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    sorry to asked loads of questions, its just that i want to make sure if my its right ,assuming an OTT got QTS does it mean that he/she is consider to be an NQT?

    thanks a lot...
  2. Hi Everyone,

    sorry to asked loads of questions, its just that i want to make sure if my its right ,assuming an OTT got QTS does it mean that he/she is consider to be an NQT?

    thanks a lot...
  3. Well as far as I have heard on the subject unless you apply to get assessed for the induction standards at the same time as completing QTS you will be regarded as a NQT. So it's worth asking when you apply for the course whether this can be done.
  4. Hello Vayne,

    As Jasmine said, you should let the DRB know that you are interested in applying for assessment against the QTS and Induction standards. The DRB will check if you are eligible to follow that route and will let you know it. When I did it four years ago, I applied for QTS and exemption from the induction year. I chose the assessment-only route which didn?t take long. To do so, I think I just had to demonstrate I had at least two years? full time teaching experience in at least 2 different schools (don?t worry! They usually take into account your overseas experience) and I had taught across two consecutive key stages in the UK.

    Check this website and download the pdf booklets; they are quite good:


    Good Luck!
  5. Thank you very much for the reply!
    I really appreciate it.
  6. Vayne,
    I work in a school in the newham LEA. I am applying for qts and going for my induction standards. I have been told that I need to show a separate part to my qts file to show my induction standards. I don't know about you but I am overwhelmed by the amount of work. My qts file has taken me since September 2006 to complete and I am still working on it. I also have my Induction standards to complete.
  7. Im currently doing a long term supply and my job is to cover PPA.Is this enough teaching experience to apply for QTS standard? any advise is highly appreciated.many thanks
  8. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    If you are covering PPA time, that means you are employed as a cover supervisor?

    Don't think that will be enough to cover QTS standards.
  9. HI,

    Im an australian trained teacher. I have just been offered a position at a school teaching secondary maths in london. They have said they will sponser me to do NQT, however I have yet to do the QTS process? Can that be done on the job? Does it get done at the same time as NQT? Do I need to complete NQT or do I just need to do QTS?
    Also what is involved in QTS? I know it is a protfolio demonstrating understanding of the standards but I cannot seem to find a list of the standards. Is it just the portfolio or is there more?
    The school does not seem clear on the exact requirments either which I find a little worrying..

  10. toxy

    toxy New commenter

    You'll want to clarify this situation before taking a post. When I came to the UK from Canada, my school also said they would sponsor me to do my NQT....turned out to be ***, the headteacher had no interest in making a long-term investment in my professional development. Luckily, I've since found a school that will and am in the midst of this process.
    Basically, if you intend to stay in the UK in the long term, you have to obtain QTS - proving that, despite holding a qualification at home, you can also meet the UK standards. If you're a new teacher, you will then have an NQT induction year: a lighter timetable, a mentor to work with, and observations and such to show that you are a capable teacher. On the other hand, if you have at least two years full-time teaching experience, you can do QTS without induction - the assumption being that you are already a functional teacher, and just need to show that you meet the standards.
    QTS is still a process either way. It's usually done through either the local authority (LA) or a university. You have to submit a hefty portfolio of evidence that you can meet the standards. You work with a mentor within the school, who does some observations and coaching. The LA/uni also sends out an assessor a few times to check in on things. But that's not all: you also have to complete skills tests in literacy, numeracy and IT.
    Pretty much all the information you need about OTT can be found through this website, including information on the qualification standards:

    Good luck!

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