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OTTP programme in London

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by ILovePhonics, May 1, 2011.

  1. ILovePhonics

    ILovePhonics New commenter

    I am also in South East London, and did the OTTP through Scittles.
    Use this website and contact them. They will ask your post code and give you a few in your area.
    I found the people very very helpful and well informed. And if you are not sure about anything, phone them and get the correct info!!

    I know someone else who did theirs through Urban Learning, Vicky Stead nr 02075367048.
    Another provider is the Univeristy of East London:
    I did mine through Scittles based in Stratford. The contact person is Patricia Walker: ott@colegrave.newham.sch.uk They are strict and I found they did not want me to do the assessment route only (and do both the core and qts standards at the same time - I really had to fight for it - it is meant for people with more than 2 years experience.) However, they are one of the only providers who does not have a long waiting list.
  2. Hi Wiki,
    Thanks for the information. It's really helpful. I am going to try them one by one.
    I do not quite understand the diffenence between 'assessment route only' and 'both the core and qts standards at the same time'. How long does either of them take? How was your training? I heard it is quite intense.



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