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Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by ludapo, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. jane_eh

    jane_eh New commenter

    Well, as it goes I got through and they said they had sent it on the second of July. For some crazy reason they sent it to the address I lived in when I first registered with the GTC. Not the addresses I sent on the form.

    As I expected I was denied. I don't mind having to jump through extra hoops - in fact that's never been a problem.... what is a problem is that when I was trying to organise it last year I kept getting redirected and redirected and finally told to wait to see what happens in April. I could have been done by now. GARRRR

    I've been trying to contact NSW.... I got through to one mob in Wollongong and funny enough.... they redirected me.

    Thanks for the support.
  2. why were u rejected?

  3. How ridiculous!!!
    Well at least you know now. Can you get fully registered at home with NSW? I'm meeting with my new headteacher tomorrow to discuss getting full registration for VIC from here.
    Hope you don't get redirected again, ringing home from here is such an ordeal with the time differences and working hours! Good luck with it all :)
  4. jane_eh

    jane_eh New commenter

    NSW is a NO-GO
  5. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    I'm waiting to see if Victoria can come up with the goods - they claim my magic letter is in the post to me, and then I'll submit it with my form. Here's hoping!
  6. Hi
    Just wondering scottg, were you provisionally or fully registered? Also anyone got any other updates to their situation?
    I am kicking myself for now checking back here since I last posted because I fear i have just wasted months of my time and a lot of money.
    After contacting the WA teaching registeration board there was a mix up on their part and after stringing me a long for a while they sent me a the magic letter . . . only when it arrived it was for a different person, same name but different qualifications. After I queried it with them they then send me another letter, again for the wrong person! Eventually they said the only way that I could get the letter was to register, which I did, and it cost me over £300 by the time I paid their fees and had all my documents certified.
    So I am now registered, only it is 'provisionally' registered and while I am still waiting for the actual letter to come, I am pretty sure that all the time and energy is going to be for nothing.
    I am beyond frustrated as I have delayed doing anything else because this was announced last year. Until I actually came on here and downloaded the form to send with the letter I had no idea I was not going to be eligable even though I am now officially registered.
    Has anyone had any joy with going to Victoria and registering there? I am tempted but if they then did not upgrade me to fully registered I will have just wasted more money. I have worked full time for almot two years here and I have a head who is just waiting to make my post permanent but cant till I get QTS. I now have a year and a half till my four years runs out . . . I could cry to be honest.
    Anyone with any updates would be greatly appreciated.

  7. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    Got my QTS in today's post. The system works!
  8. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    Sorry to hear. Victoria seemed to know just the sort of letter I'd require. Do push them for it because it would appear you're fully eligible, it's just that they couldn't write the letter properly.
  9. Unfortunately, my second request has been ignored.
    ACT DET has a standard 'Statement of Service' that they send to anyone who needs confirmation of their employment. They seem unwilling to write a specific letter just for me.

    I'll try again closer to my departure. No point in paying for registration back home until I need it.
  10. Hi,

    I was refused my QTS with Tamsnian provsional registration. I have gone down the Victorian Route - by getting my head teacher to fill out the reference saying I'd meet all the standards - and by filling out all the paper work - having it certified etc and paying $180! Which all took a couple of months. My full registrayion was granted. I rang the VIT last night explaining what I needed and when I woke up today - the letter was in my inbox! Have just posted the application now. So fingers crossed!
    I'm not getting my hopes up though - after what happened last time...... but it's really my last chance as I@m currently being employed as an unqualified instructor!!!
  11. Hi slcarr
    Just wondering, did you apply in Vic as if you were a completely new application and wanted to go straight for permancy, or did you tell them you were registered already with Tassie? I think if I dont get QTS with WA this will be the route I take, just wasnt sure which catagory to apply in. I still havent heard for the DofEd here yet, so I havent lost all hope. The thought of having to shell out all over again is agony!!!
  12. Hello,
    I am an overseas trained teacher (Australia - Victoria) but have been teaching in the UK for approx 2 1/2 years. Overseas trained teachers are now granted QTS automatically but when I applied for it I was denied as I am only provisional in Aus (have not done the Aus equivalent of QTS). Does anyone know what I will have to do to gain QTS? Also can this be done whilst on supply? I taught in Aus doing supply and short term contracts for approx 3 years before coming to UK so should I not be provisional in Vic?
  13. Can anyone give me some advice please?
  14. Hi,
    Firstly you will have to gain full registration with the VIT in Vic.
    If you didn't gain full registration while you were teaching in Aus, you can do it while you are teaching here. This is what I am currently doing. All the information is on their website.
    This is the form that I will be filling out and sending to the VIT.
    All the info is on the VIT website, so double check that it's the right form for you.
    Once you have full rego with the VIT, you should be able to apply for QTS here and be successful.
    Good luck!
  15. Cheers thanks very much.
    One last question....am I able to gain full registration with VIT whilst doing day to day supply here?

  16. I believe so...there is a couple of routes to full VIT rego and I think there is a supply route available.
    Good luck! :)
  17. Hi

    Just wondering how your application was going CrazyClassroom? I am in the same boat, only having provisional in WA and am about to embark on applying through VIT.

  18. Hi may i ask how you get through with the OTT program? i am an overseas trained teacher from Philippines teaching general science for 3years. i was hoping i could find an unqualified teaching job in UK as i find difficult since theres no firm information to where should i start. i had some few advice but still cant find any good results. can help me some informations that im missing. thank you...
  19. jane_eh

    jane_eh New commenter

    Well, I got it.

    I went through the Victorian route. Now I have QTS!!!

  20. Me too! I wish I had realised before wasting the time and money trying to go through WA - Victoria have been superb, 6 weeks from sending off the application from getting the letter of QTS from Dept of Ed here.
    Finally indeed!

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