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Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by ludapo, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Do let us/me know how u get on...
  2. Thanks for all your help. I got my QTS today. i sent it in on the 18th June!!!! It must have helped having the letter from NZ. I noticed that they cc the Teaching Agency in as well. I'm so happy. To others waiting I advise you to get the stipulated letter - it definitely speeds up the process. Good luck.
  3. That's brilliant news franmac1, very pleased for you!
    Can't believe you got yours so quick! I too sent off the official letter they require. Did you send/receive yours by email?
  4. jane_eh

    jane_eh New commenter

    I received an email update today.....

    There has been a great amount of interest in this route into teaching which has created a backlog.

    Unfortunately, we are awaiting further clarification from NSW which is why there is now a delay with the NSW applications.

    I will write to everyone when a decision has been made....

  5. I was resigned to waiting at least a month. I sent my application on the 18th of June by recordrd delivery. My date of recognition is 19 June 2012. Their letter is dated 25 June, posted on 26 June and received 28 June. I'm sure the fact that the NZ Teachers Council also sent a copy of the letter direct to them helped. Good luck to everyone.
  6. Congratulations Franmac1. May lots of new doors and opportunities open up for you now in England!
  7. I have been notified that my QTS application is going to be rejected because I was not able to register with the Western Australian board of Education because I do not have Australian citizenship or a current visa (I am British). I graduated with a 4 year Bachelor of Education from a well-respected university in Western Australia with very high grades (high distinctions) and I have over 3 years of successful teaching experiences in the UK (many excellent references). I initially went out to Australia with my family as a teenager and then went back to the UK when they moved back and after completing my degree/student visa expired. I don't know what to do now-it's been such an emotional roller-coaster these past years and there seems no end! I've got a place this September at the Institute of Education to do a PGCE but I don't think I can afford it (£9000 fee). I can't go on the OTTP program because I'm not able to register with the country in which I I qualified. Basically, even though my qualification is deemed equivalent to that of a UK Bachelor of Education (which gives you QTS if you pass it) I am not being given QTS status because I am British. I don't understand why I have to be registered in Australia to teach in the UK! I don't mind doing an NQT induction year but I would need QTS to do this. Anyone have any helpful advice? Is anyone in a similar situation to me? Has anyone started a petition or raised their similar situation with the government?
  8. jane_eh

    jane_eh New commenter

    That is terrible!!! Your situation wins!
    It's hard for many I think as we've been out of our countries for so long so everything back home has fallen behind but I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for you. You degree basically means nothing.

    I really hope that there is some solution for you. My head has commented on the fact that there seems to be very little information for what you do if you have all your quals but don't qualify.

    Good luck to you.
  9. That was super speedy process for you franmac1. Happy for you! Sounds like they have the NZ applications worked out, hopefully they can sort out the Aussie ones asap!
    jessgardner1, what a tricky situation you are in. I can't believe that WA can't be more help to you. meeee's suggestion is a good one, hopefully something will work for you. Let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed for you!!
  10. Just to say this is WORST THAN US AND ARE ON THE VERGE OF GIVING UP-as cant keep doing this!!
    Right: I think you are in trouble as u said "I was not able to register with the Western Australian board of
    Education because I do not have Australian citizenship or a current visa
    (I am British)"

    What if u apply to register in another state by paying the fees-like VIT-it might work if u pay the fees they might not question your lack of citizenship and register u-why would it come up? honestly this could be beyond this forum -u will need to seek advice from an immigration lawye-how long did u live there in WA?
    Thinking,,,u had a student visa before u could get another one and then go for registration stating u wont WORK in australia (as thats what THEY are worried about not writing a letter) what did your letter say from WA?
    OR say u are going to apply to immigrate to teach and need the QTS etc and need registration for future work prospects-
    This is really tricky and yes annoying this whole thing as I ahve been saying it shoul dgo onthe degrees NOT registration in the hom ecountry as u are teaching here-To be quite honest England is a joke with all its rules-we will most likely return as its hopeless to get a job anyways.....
    I would consider the PGCE but I couldn't afford £9000 either but it could be worth the investment -anyway I thought u only pay the £9000 if u are earning £21,000 or above?? Please check that-what if thats the case will u do it?? Hope it works out .....
  11. Update; got my letter today, no QTS for me.
    It clearly states on the letter that for teachers from Australia we need to show that "you hold a full registration with the awarding body".
    At least I know what I need to do now (I was to do it anyway, so when I return to Australia I am fully registered there too)

  12. Thanks meeee for the advice. I contacted the WA department of education again and explained my problem and they said that they 'might' be able to register me without citizenship/current visa as this is a special case so cross fingers for that. However, I don't know if this would be provisional registration and if so, will the government grant me QTS without full registration? They might take into account my qualifications and UK experience? Otherwise I'll take you up on the advice and see if other states or NZ might be a better avenue.
  13. Hi - I too am in the same situation. I'm from Tasmania and graduated 7 years ago with a 4 yr BEd degree. I have now been teaching in England for 4 years and am married to a british man.
    I was just refused my QTS because I'm provisionally registered at home. Even though I have letters stating I am FULLY quialified and eligable to teach permanently (which is what the requirements on the application form say). I too have been graded as a good/outstanding teacher by Ofsted and the LEA (when most teachers in my 'special measures' school were given inadequate) and have been offered TLR's getting my job over English trained teachers
    I rang the induction unit and they weren't interested, the CEO of the Tasmanian Registration Board said she'd ring and explain what 'provisional' registration means they weren't interested.
    As my 4 years is up now - I'm completely stuck. My husband has recently obtained a new job (a caeer change) and we are re-locating to London. It now means I have to give up my career or we move to AUs and he gives up his.
    It's a complete joke and if this was going to be the case then they should have made it clear to start with. Being provisionally registered is NOT the same as not have completing an induction year. You can teach your whole career on a provisional registration.
    I too - feel like I want to go back home and teach (and be paid a good wage) and feel appreciated.
  14. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    slcarr - one word for you: "independent". Don't need QTS there! They're more interested in your track record as a teacher, not all the ridiculous pieces of paper you need to teach in the state system here.

    BTW, you from HBA? Former Tassie teacher here.
  15. CrazyClassroom
    Can I just ask you something about VIC registration. Looking on the website, it appears that you can apply for full registration as long as you have evidance from a head teacher that you meet the standards.
    So surely you could apply for Full Registration with evidence from your Head Teacher in the UK that you have the relevant experience etc etc....? Get approved Full Registration, then reaply for QTS?
  16. Yeah true I could always go down the independent sector route - or Academy? Do you need QTS there?
    Not sure what HBA is. Im from NW coast....
  17. Yes, that's exactly what I will be doing! :) I JUST (yesterday!) got a teaching position (have been just been doing supply) so once I am able to prove I meet all the standards to my headteacher, I apply for full registration, then re-apply for QTS again. Not too tricky really, which is good.
  18. I'm filling out the Victorian Registration for full registration - even though I'm Tasmanian - as I'm not eligable to apply in Tasmania (as they have different regulations and wont take into consideration UK experience). I'm hoping that with Full Vic registration I'll be eligable for QTS. As my rejection letter says that I need to provide evidence that I am fully registered in Australia (nothing about home state). I guess I could be Victorian (who went to Uni in Tas). So fingers crossed this will work for me!
    Also carmen63 - how long did it take for your Vic registration to come through?
  19. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    HBA = HoBArt
  20. Any luck jane_eh? I've had my fingers crossed for you!

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