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Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by ludapo, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. See Gove post-WE are just as puzzled-same registration with VIT expired-all they want is a registration fee and ignored what I need in regards to the QTS requirement! How are we going to do this? I am also registered with QLD -but the letter from them was taking about not being registered and the Teaching Agency might not like that-I want to post the letter on here but I dont know how to present a jpeg image-Its important for people to discuss this and come up with suggestions or we will stuff it all up!
  2. Hi artbot,
    I'm still registered with the VIT (I had to re-register as provisional at the end of last year), and I got quite a friendly email reply today from the VIT saying that they posted my 'proof of qualification' letter to my address in Australia. I was surprised at how quick they responded to my email! (I just hope it's what I'm needing for the teaching agency!!)
    Your letter from QLD sounds very unhelpful :( I hope you can find a way around it all. I'll let you know whether the letter I receive is any good, as it might be worth you re-registering with VIT just to get the letter! Good luck with it all :)
  3. I have experienced the same issue with NZ, it would seem you have to hold a current (mine has lapsed by 6 months) and full registration in the home country before they will send the letter required over here in the UK. So hopefully after a Met police clearance letter (not a CRB!), sending papers to my last NZ post from 3 years ago for a signature and the very important fee, I will renew the registration and finally get the much sort after letter to send with the QTS application. Long winded and lots of trees will be lost under the paperwork but fingers crossed it will be over before summer, or maybe Christmas??? To the people out there in OTT land who are lucky enough to have a current and full registration make the most of the opportunity and get that QTS now!!
  4. Your right it is unhelpful-they didn't really read and it is full of "negatives"-expired, unregistered etc-I think I will have to re-register-stupid but it would look better-I am not sure if we will remmain in the UK or not as we are struggling with employment-what agency? As we know alot about them!!
  5. Kiwi Jo

    Kiwi Jo New commenter

    Thanks for that advice. I am still fully qualified with NZ Teachers' Council thankfully and didn't realise that being provisionally registered (which is going to happen when we have taught out of NZ for a period of time anyway) would stop the QTS. I sent my forms in to the Teaching Agency the first week of April and they still haven't been processed!
  6. Kiwi Jo, did you receive anything saying that they even received your application?
    I sent mine away 2 weeks ago and havent heard anything at all. the reason its annoying me is because im currently on the QTS assessment based route and my portfolio is due in 3 weeks. So I really need to know that I've definitely been granted QTS so that I dont have to hand in my portfolio! but if i'm not going to hear from them for ages I guess I'm going to have to do the portfolio?? arghhh!!
  7. rparsons66, did you end up paying and getting the letter?
    I'm in exactly the same situation as you, qualified in WA and moved straight here.
    I got a letter from them in 2010 stating that "if i chose to register with WACOT, I would be accepted and eligible to teach in a WA school" Ive sent that letter with my QTS application and i'm hoping its enough,
    do you think its a problem that we left straight away and didnt do any sort of induction type course on our first year out of uni??
    oh and by the way I didnt have to pay $250, they just did it and sent it to my australian address (i.e mums house)
  8. Oh Dear I think yiu have wasted your time however atleast you would have learn't about the standards! You will get QTS-It might take 5-6 weeks but I am not 100% with that-most likey though as the have a backlog!
  9. Hiya,
    From what I've read, it sounds as though you need to have completed your induction year in the country you qualified, in order to gain QTS in England. I trained in NZ but moved to the UK straight after and started supplying, so I never completed any induction year in NZ and am only provisionally registered with NZ teaching council. So, I dont think we would be eligible to gain QTS as we didn't technically do any sort of induction year. I would love to get any clarification, nothing seems clear cut! I would love to not have to do an induction year in England.
  10. I am not sure if that is totally correct-How long have you been in the UK? I did have a word with the Teaching Agency about this-He wasn't really sure so it is probably alright-If it is the worst case scenario you could apply for registration with NZ Council and get your Head to support full registration-thats what we did in 2009 with the Queensland College of Teaching. This might not be necessary though as a letter confirming you can actually teach in NZ is what they want-I will be faced with this myself as I am doing the GDTL in QLD online and I am already here!!!
  11. just to let everyone in the same situation as me know that my application for QTS was rejected. i tried to phone them but they really arent interested in listening. I have a letter from WACOT stating "in the event that Ms N were to apply to be fully registered to teach in Western Australian schools, she would meet all requirements set by the college" but apparantly that isn't good enough. You have to actually be fully registered. I cant be fully registered because Ive been out of the state for too long, so i can only be provisionally registered until i go home. I can not believe that someone who has a BEd and 5 years experience cant get QTS. I work in an outstanding school and got the job over any English qualified person. This whole thing is a joke. Now my only option is to complete the QTS assessment based option and become an NQT all over again next year. How is that fair?
    I may as well go home and teach where i'm appreciated.
    Good luck to anyone else trying to get QTS! i hope you have more luck than me.
  12. Thats ridiculous!!! <u>Here we go again</u>-I have fought this for years and once again they are at it again-How hard is it here?? It goes on and on and on and on-WE JUST WANT TO TEACH!!!!!!!!!
    "Now my only option is to complete the QTS assessment based option and become an NQT all over again next year"
    Not necessarily:Now what u should do is to register with the help of your head in WA-If it is like QLD u will have to do a term or 100 day supplybut U coul dor haver done this here- I think but if u have done this I am sure WA wil grant registration and reapply-If u pay them I am sure they will do it-u shouldn't have to I know OR u could ring up the TA straight away-I have already told them it should go by <u>YOUR DEGREES </u>not registration as like us we came straight over after graduation-I cant believe this actually-Blimey its SOOOOOOOO hard here sometime I feel we should just pack it up-with posts like yours will we <u>EVER</u> get what we deserve??
    "I can not believe that someone who has a BEd and 5 years experience cant get QTS". I can in this country, <u>it really doesn't surprise me!!</u> Dont tell me we will still have to fight this...forever
    This has made me so annoyed as I will have to work this out now-thank you for this.If you dont get anywhere we should ALL ring them and complain.
    I have spoken.....
  13. thanks for your support, I ranted on the phone for so long that they eventually said the manager will call me back tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they were just trying to get rid of me though. So i'll let you know if anything happens tomorrow. I'm so sick of working my **** off here and getting nowhere!
    better get back to my portfolio.... :-(
  14. I'm an American who moved here in 2008 and started doing supply. I taught 2 years in the US in a state that had a 3-year induction period, however, I received my BScEd from my home state that only had a 1 or 2 year induction, where I also held a provisional license. I'm still waiting on my letter (they keep dropping the ball) but I am concerned this will completely screw me over as I have 2 years classroom experience, 4 years supply, and no "current" (non-expired) license from the States as I had no idea I may need to keep the renewal up.

    Also, a teaching expat friend of mine from Wisconsin said she spoke with someone from the TA who informed her there is no expediting this process as they're still in the middle of training their staff since this is all a new process.

    I'm already not happy because I can't even begin to make a dent in my student loans because I don't have consistent wages to afford it! I can't get full time work as they want someone with QTS and lots of places near here are getting rid of their OTTPs because of this new legislation.

  15. So I gather you are provisonally registered? If so to gain full registration is what might be needed even at this end your aplly for it. You could aplly like we did by getting your head to fill out support documenation , pay their fees and get fully regsitered then get QTS with the letter fromm thesame Ameican registration board-As for getting rid of OTT's that doesn't make sense as QTS gives them recognition and therefore could be described as unfair dismissal?
  16. jane_eh

    jane_eh New commenter

    I have still not heard anything!
  17. I sent them an email asking about my application - someone wrote back that my application had been received but that they could not say when it would be processed. I am starting to get a bad feeling in my stomach about this. It was too uncharacteristic for them to do anything as rational and fair as granting teachers willing to work here a bit of good that they deserve.
    I am trying to be positive. Trying hard.

  18. jane_eh

    jane_eh New commenter

    When did you send yours in? I can't remember exactly but it was in the Easter holidays. I never stopped having the uneasy feeling. I have been trying to enroll in a route to gain QTS since September, but I was sent in a circle and when I finally put the pressure on I was told the reason I was probably being palmed off was because I SHOULD qualify for QTS and therefore am not a priority. UNFORTUNATELY, reading the posts on here I think I will get knocked back as I have not been registered in Australia for a couple years.
    It's a shame.... I just want it done and I could have been doing it all this time.
  19. Jane, I posted it on the 12th of April and they said that they received it on the 30th. I sent it special delivery so that took a looong time to meander its way to Manchester from Northamptonshire.
  20. jane_eh

    jane_eh New commenter

    Have you received anything yet? I finally emailed but expect I will get no reply.

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