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Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by ludapo, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. I dont know if anyone can help, but i have been looking on the forums and have contacted the GTC and still cant get a straight answer. I am an OTT from Aust. My 4 year period ends September 26, 2012. Is it true that I will not have to get a QTS or is this still rumour? My head teacher can't seem to find anything either confirming or denying this. if anyone knows anything and knows where i can find some evidence that this will be happening can you please let me know because otherwise i will have to apply for the QTS ASAP.

  2. Hi, I'm in the exact same boat as you. The GTC is useless right now for information. They have not yet released the results of the Consultation on the rule changes (the consultation period ended on the 16th of December). I'm going to go ahead and get the process of getting QTS started anyways, it's getting to the point that I can't wait anymore.I don't know if anyone else has information, but I've been keeping tabs on the Dept of Education and no word seems to have trickled down about it.
  3. yeah. it's just frustrating because there are so many rumours going around about it and no one is actually saying anything officially
  4. teachprimary

    teachprimary New commenter

    Hi, I am an OTT. A couple of months back tried to join the OTTP through SCITTLES and I was told that I have 4 years time so, I guess the rule of acquiring a QTS by the end of 4 years of teaching as a qulalified or unqualified teacher still stands.
    Hope its of some use to you.....good luck.
  5. Hi, I just finished my QTS and we where advised when starting the course in October that in April the rules may change, and that we could drop out and wait and see what happens in April. I decided to continue with mine because their is no definite answer as yet. Hope that helps!
    Also wondering how did your school go with sponsoring you to stay? My school is beginning the process but not sure if it will go ahead. Did your school have trouble or was it easy? Thanks heaps for an advice or info on sponsoring
  6. How are you going with the sponsorship process? I successfully went through it in November last year so might be able to help if you have any questions.
  7. chrisboddy

    chrisboddy New commenter

    According to another thread I've been reading the OTTP thing is to be scrapped as of 1st April 2012 and anyone who qualified in Australia, NZ, US or Canada can apply for QTS without further assessment. Not officially announced yet however, search for that thread if you can.
  8. Yes at last---phew.. but <u>what documents</u>? I still think they need an official letter from the education dept victoria? but I am not quite sure-maybe the VIT? or the registration certificate in which we have two! One from Victoria the other from QLD? so there lies the question!! what?!
  9. THESE documents - GEEZ!

  10. the link doesn't open in Chrome, but does in IE
  11. Thanks for all of your help guys. I have just contacted the Victorian Institute of teaching to ask them how i would get a letter stating that i am qualified. I will also call them and the victorian department of education when time difference allows.

    As far as sponsorship goes, I didnt need to get it as i have an italian-australian dual citizenship, so i can live and teach in the EU.

    Thanks again
  12. chrisboddy

    chrisboddy New commenter

    What did the VIT say? I have emailed them but no reply yet.... or do you mean you have emailed them?
  13. I emailed them last night. might try calling tonight. will have to be at about 11-1130 though i think
  14. chrisboddy

    chrisboddy New commenter

    Cool. If you do can you post on here or I'll have to try myself at some point soon. :)
    I emailed last Friday I think so it's been about 3 working days.
  15. OK. I called VIT and spoke to HR. They were really helpful. Said I had to send an email to someone (i cant remember the name now) and ask for a letter of good standing stating the period I have been registered with them as a qualified teacher and he will send it to me. Then once I have that I can fill out the form and send it along with the letter to DfE.

    I suggest you all give them a call before too many people start to do that.

    Hope this helped. Good luck everyone.
  16. Thanks heaps for this info! I feel like I've just won the lottery. I've just been accepted to do OTT with an uni, but thankfully haven't started. What's wonderful is now I can really focus on my work as a teacher!
  17. The guidance so far is a little sparse of pay details! I have worked for the 4 years at the same school at the top of the Unqualified scale. Obviously after sending in docs etc I'll have QTS. Any idea what pay band I should be put onto (12 years teaching experience in UK; 5 at State secondaries).
  18. I trained in WA and have been so excited about this change in legislation. My problem is that I trained in Australia and then moved to the UK. I have contacted the registration body for WA and they say that as I never registered with them, I need to register and pay $250 dollars before they can consider my request for a letter :-((. In some ways I think that it will be worth it but it just feels like such an uphill battle.

  19. I was in the same boat. Graduated in Vic and then moved straight over. Ive been working over here for 2 years now so I filled in Part B of the registration which proves you have experiece (I think its like 80 days for VIC teachers to prove - but check that). My head teacher had to fill it in and sign it and I sent it to the VIT. I just checked and now I have fully registered status.
    I did read somewhere that you had to be a fully qualified teacher in your own home state - so I took that as meaning I needed to be fully registered not just provisional. Check with your state about how many days work experience you need before you can apply for full registration.

    Now I have just emailed VIT to see if I can get the letter proving I am fully registered so I can send off my QTS application.
  20. Like you Carmen63, I graduated in VIC then moved to the UK.
    I'm still only provisionally registered with the VIT, with less than 80 days experience over here.
    Does anyone know whether I am seen in the UK to be fully qualified in Australia? I may not be fully registerd with VIT, but I still have permission to teach and be employed by Victorian schools etc.
    Thanks :)

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