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OTT MFL Spanish and Italian

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by Raquel25, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Dear all,
    I would really appreciate if someone could provide me with some information that could help me with my current situation.
    This is my second year as a Spanish Language Assistant teaching "Spanish Conversation" in an Independent School, here, in England.
    I studied both my five year degree course in English Literature and Linguistics (equivalent to BA Honours 2:1) and my postgraduate course in education (equivalent to PGCE) in Spain. Determined to become a teacher in the UK, I then got my QTS validated by the GTC for England in 2008.
    I have been applying for a number of vacancies as teacher of Spanish here in England, but I am not sure wether I should be applying as an NQT or QT. I emailed the TDA's Induction team to ask them about my situation and this was their answer: "A teacher from the EEA who has applied successfully to the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) for QTS, or, a teacher from the EEA who has declared successfully to the GTCE to work in England on a temporary basis." Therefore if you meet the criteria above then you will be exempt from induction in England".
    The problem is that I feel I need that Induction Year to get some further experience within the British Education system. Also, I have the feeling that schools are not interested in someone holding a QTS Certificate but not having completed his/her probationary year.
    Any information will be greatly valued,
    Thank you.

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