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Other jobs

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by NQT08, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. NQT08

    NQT08 Occasional commenter

    Which paid jobs do you do alongside your tutoring (if any)?

    Also, how do those of you who have kids of your own in school balance tutoring and seeing your own children?
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  2. tutor314

    tutor314 New commenter

    Hi, I do tuition full time after 15 years in secondary classroom teaching. Its not easy with children, however a huge thing for my kids was their mum being able to pick them up from school (I was never able to do this a teacher) also being able to go their school shows or drop in days means so much. I also work my hours around sport clubs in the evenings. At the weekend I run a few small group sessions which again eats into family time but you cant have it all!
  3. misplaced

    misplaced New commenter

    Really interested in this as I have tutored off and on for past 10years. Had planned on expanding this year and doing it as my only job however I have 2 children and always thought that it’s a problem as when I want to see them after school will be when I’m tutoring. Instead I took a maternity cover on and just tutor a few children. However already I’ve had to miss school assemblies, now they have to go to care club 4 times a week and get a stressed out mummy planning lessons at weekend. My children are now slightly older 8 and 10 and I do think that they’d be better me tutoring maybe 3 nights a week (some inbetween clubs) and a little at weekend so rest of time I’m a fully focused mum.
  4. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    Your children are old enough to talk to about it, and it would be well worth involving them at least a little in any decision. I've only ever done very small amounts of tutoring, but when my daughter was that age I would ask her whether she would mind me taking someone on. That made it easier when I was expecting her not to disturb the lesson.
    Don't forget that things change from year to year. At the moment, you being able to do the school run all the time will probably go down well - but in three years' time you'll probably be completely redundant from that. However with tuition you can hopefully adjust the balance each year, so that you're free at the times your kids need you most. Supply, of course, becomes more of an option once they are getting themselves to and from school.
  5. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    Well it is hard outside London and the home counties to make a living from tutoring so I examine the November and June GCSEs and this year I'm going to be an invigilator at the local school.
  6. tutor314

    tutor314 New commenter

    Exactly as you say its better to be fully focussed for the time you are with them. Nothing is easy though! My eldest is almost 10 who yes in the next couple years wont care about his mum being at the school gate, but he will (I think) always appreciate that I can be at his school in a flash if he needs me. My youngest is under 3 so I have a good while yet of all of this and I'm looking forward to not having to miss a thing, like I unfortunately did with my older children. Being self employed does give much more freedom, however, its far from the easy option and I work very hard to make the same as I was working in a school...the difference is that I choose my hours and as I'm in control of my own workload I feel less stressed and that's what my children want a less stressed mum!
  7. misplaced

    misplaced New commenter

    Yes I think you’re correct in what you say and is good to hear opinions from other mums.

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