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Other half on stag weekend. Your thoughts please...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Chocolate Frog Brain, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. He went to Amsterdam on Friday and is due back on Monday and I've only had one text message from him that he has sent of his own accord.
    I sent him one yesterday, to see if he had sent me a second, as I accidentally deleted a text without knowing who it was from and he replied then, but nothing since.
    Am I being unreasonable in expecting more texts? How would you let your partner know that you were unhappy with the lack of communication with you over a weekend, without coming across as a nag?
    We have only been going out for about 8 months and he is very used to doing his own thing. Previously, I was in a long term relationship where we pretty much did everything together.
    Internally, I feel quite needy. Externally, I mostly come across as the super-cool girlfriend, but I would like him to know when I'm unhappy.
    Any thoughts or opinions greatly appreciated.

  2. What regularity and frequency of texts/calls do you expect? Is he aware of your expectations?
  3. Yes.
    He is on a stag weekend!
    It is a weekend - not a whole month. Surely you can survive without constanst contact for 96 hours?
    Why are you sitting around waiting for a text? Why are you not doing something? Out with friends, pampering session, reading a book, watching a DVD, etc, etc?

  4. I wouldn't really worry about it to be honest. You're prbably only thinking about the lack of contact if you've had some time on your hands. Men are not as text aware as us ladies!!
  5. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    well it depends!

    how much do you text normally!
    I would say I would have sent the OH about 6 min over the weekend
    1 to say id got there
    1 before bed on Friday
    1 lunch sat, 1 before going out sat night
    same as Saturday on the Sunday
    then 1 Monday morning and another depending on when my flight was.
  6. Some ladies don't text either. Plenty of us here on TES!
  7. Jeez, I go away for 4 or 5 days at a time and don't bother to phone/text home - not the Mr or the kids! It's only a weekend, let him enjoy it in peace. Why would you expect him to be contacting you when he is off on a stag weekend?
  8. [​IMG]
    One to say I got there.
    One to say I am back!
  9. We speak nightly on the phone when he's in this country and will send the occasional text if we need to.
    Granted he did say he'd text me, but I thought I might get more than one!
    Perhaps I ought to have been a little bit more clear in my expectations.
    I guess I was thinking back to several months ago when he went away with the lads overnight and I got a (sic) customary p.issed text to say he was missing me.
    It hasn't happened this time. Perhaps he's out of the honeymoon period.
  10. bnm


    I sometimes go away with family when mr bnm is at work. I would usually phone/text once a day, but can easily see that if I was engrossed in what I was doing I could miss a day. He works away from home a lot and usually phones once a day.
  11. Give him a break.
    I don't even text with my kids as much as you are expecting of him. If they are at their Dad's they are at their Dad's. I don't expect them to text me all day and every day.

  12. You know, all this twitter, FB, texting stuff is for the devil.
    MILLIONS of us managed without it. We didn't get a complex about not hearing from someone.
    It is perfectly normal to not be in constant contact!!!
  13. I've had a fab weekend, out for a meal and dancing for a friend's birthday, stayed at another friend's house last night, did some school prep and even managed some proper cooking, but I can't help these little thoughts that infiltrate my mind every now and again!
    I am very much an active lurker on this forum, but had to post as I appreciate the honesty of so many on here.
    So, how should I act? Say nothing at all? What is the general consensus?
  14. You will get many differing opinions.
    Mine is, don't expect texts when he is away on a stag weekend. He will be p.issed.
    Would you go on a hen weekend and text him every 5 minutes?
  15. Chill out and give him some space. Don't be so needy.
    I never hear from my OH when he goes away! He has gone to have a good time with the lads, let him enjoy it.
  16. Henriettawasp

    Henriettawasp New commenter

    If he's on a stag weekend he'll have been wise to NOT text you (when under the influence, probably) or to let any of his mates get hold of his phone... [​IMG]
  17. No, but I wasn't expecting that of him either.
    The funny thing is however, that when I go out without him, I get texts from him! Some of them even say that I can call him if I want, as he won't be going to bed for a while etc.
    I've found myself talking to my boyfriend for 15 mins in the toilets of a nice bar when I'm supposed to be out dancing with my girlfriends.
    And yes, CQ, you are right about millions of people getting by without the need for texting etc. Usually, I can't stand it myself.
  18. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    Enjoy the peace!
    I would [​IMG]
  19. Me bleddy too!
    Honestly, I wouldn't worry.
    Unless he doesn't come home.
    I knoooooooooooooooow what you mean - but you know yourself you are being silly, don't you?
  20. Sounds nice and possessive of him, keeping tabs on you when you are out!

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