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Oscar Wilde animations

Discussion in 'Personal' started by outstandingwinger, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Good to read too! That is, if you can actualy read them... I have a terrible habit of strating to cry as soon as I start as I know the end and they are heartbreaking!
  2. lalala

    lalala New commenter

    Oh tod sal, I do that too! When mini-la was smaller I tried to read some of Wilde's stories, but he would get totally demented with me bubbling and spluttering. Still can't read them without tears :) I can remember watching animated versions of Happy Prince, Selfish Giant etc on BBC2 at 6pm (once Blue Peter finished on BBC1 and the news was going to start!) They were wonderful versions - are these the same ones? My laptop won't open the link :(

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