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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Noodle_Bowl, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Did anyone else sit the online test for Lead L3 IV for BTEC Performing Arts in window 1?

    I did, and failed. Checked my answers and I'm still dubious about Edexcel's answers... anyone else feeling similar?

    Noo x
  2. I totally agree. I failed..was too harsh apparently. I totally disagree with many of the decisions.
  3. Me too. Looking at the lead verifier decisons I am horrified.
    I can't believe they graded that TERRIBLE work a distinction!!!
    I am literally too annoyed by this to write much more.

    This brings the subject into disrepute... decorate your work nicely and you'll get the top grade. The attitudes in this encourage medioctity.

  4. Also there is now way there was enough evidence on the Unit 1 performance to award her Distinction...she wasn't even in Most of the video as detailed in her Log book! So do they only need to stay in role for 2 mins to get a distinction? Farce!
  5. I agree with you...
    There are no comments on the website justify the decision made so I can only assume that
    A) they can't justify the answers they've given
    B) They can't be bothered...
    I'm genuinely not the sort of person to start a web campaign, but I genuinely believe the decisions here are wrong. If anyone passed and understands the decisons can tell me why the vague and Alice in Wonderland thing deserved a grade equivalent to an A at A level I really want to hear from them.
    Please help me understand how I got it so wrong
    I'm really agreived by this.
    Must stop now before I start a facebook group

  6. I sat the OSCA2 for Lead IV in Applied Sciences. The result came back unsuccessful and after going through my answers and their senior verifier commentary I have a lot of arguments. I apparently got 8 questions wrong. Only one of these I agree with. I would accept the decision happily were the answers and reasons they have provided not nonsensical and at times contradictory.

    I am really disappointed and am seeking advice before making a formal complaint. Their own documents are full of errors and spelling mistakes and the Assessment guidelines of their own specifications are vague and open to so much interpretation that it makes testing one's knowledge of them a completely pointless because it is a subjective exercise.

    I know for certain the person writing their biology specification is a complete fool and can only imagine their senior verifiers for this topic were pulled from the same loony bin.
  7. clarelou_x

    clarelou_x New commenter

    i didn't sit it time, as still wasn't getting the practice materials right. What happens now you've failed, can you resit in the next window or do you have to have someone come in to the school?

    Many Thanks
    (I'm also delaying sitting it in case our school reverts to GCSE's)
  8. I'm so glad that everyone agrees with me! There is no way the Alice piece was worth a distinction... I'd be interested to hear if anyone passed this...
    The only good thing to come from this is I'm much more comfortable awarding distinctions to my students as apparently the bar is so much lower than I thought.
    Apparently now they will sample our marking and IVing, and if they think it's good enough we become lead IV anyway. This whole thing is a farce...

  9. Mad dog

    Mad dog New commenter

    Took me ages to log on and when I did I couldn't play the video from home and the Help desk was just a joke.

    So I booked a day off timetable in order to take the test here
    Then school was closed due to snow

    Looks like I didn't miss a lot....
  10. I was also unsuccessful with the L3 Peforming Arts. There is no way the Alice piece was distinction. She is not that confident (fiddling with her hair) and she loses focus (watch when she sits down) There is also a lack of communication with the audience. Just look at the other girl, tall with blonde hair in comparison.
    There are other issues also: How can you award the criteria without the other performance and logbook to go with it. The unit content states in bold that the learner has to take part in two performances. The grading should be a balance of the two. Similarly with the other Unit: Contemporary Theatre Performance where two contrasting texts are required.
    C2 on the Contemporary Theatre Performance. The IV of the assignment brief should be totally ineffective because it was Ived after issue to the learners. The assignment doesn't even address M and D criteria and where is the vocational context.
    I have written all of my issues with the SSV answers and emailed them the Btecdelivery@edexcel.com and waiting an answer. Everyone needs to do this.
    Good luck

  11. I just want to agree with you dperkins.
    I couldn't believe the poor standardof the Alice practical work and also felt they were basically ignoring and being ingored by their audience.
    Also like you I believe the IV HAS to be totally ineffective... no changes were made to a flawed brief. How is the IV doing its job? I am also going to complain to board. Maybe if enough of us do something might change. We are, after all, their customers and I think we are not getting a consistent message especailly of you compare it with the practice materials which I felt were more sensible.

  12. Great, thank you Belchtheorc.

    Further within the Unit: Contemporary Theatre Production

    B4: Does the learner provide evidence of realising the character with skill and imagination. This relates to M and D criteria. I don't think that the work meets Level 3. It is basically some classroom exercises undertaken in preparation for realising the character and learner notes which don't really provide enough evidence. A tutors observation would have reinforced this criteria but all we get is a written observation of how the group worked together which is irrelevant to individual achievement for this criteria.

    Furthermore: B3: It has not been sufficiently authenticated by the learner. How do we know that the group haven't got all the same work. There is no declaration on the assessment sheet or anywhere else.

    B8: Feedback is poor and doesn't really allow the learner to to get a better grade. It is a contradiction of the Merit that has been awarded.

    There are more issues than this.

    I will expect an explanation tomorrow from Edexcel.
  13. I failed. Twenty eight years of teaching drama tells me that I should know just a little bit about grading correctly. There is no way that that the boy in Face was a distinction. His evaluation lacked any considered conclusions and his acting was wooden beyond measure. Not only that, but why should we do Edexcel's job? This is what happens when exam boards become private. Our dance teacher also failed for grading someone lower than a distinction. The test was pointless, convoluted and the whole process has left me fuming.
  14. Hi there

    I failed too!

    I thought I was the only one.

    Some of the answers were a little dodgy to be honest.

    Made me feel quite low to be honest...did you feel the same?
  15. I actually passed Osca 2 so didn't hurry to go back and check my answers - however I am in total agreement with all of you here about the failure of the log book and the poor performance, so I have just been and checked.
    I think someone said they got 8 answers wrong and failed? Well, I must have been close as I got 7 wrong! Not checked the Contemporary Theatre one. The ones I got wrong were all to do with grading decisions and the quality of the work and whether it matched the assessment criteria.
    I am quite astounded to discover they thought this work was really of distinction quality and am glad I actually have much higher standards! In the old EV process we were always told our assessment was spot on, and I am confident that all of us here are actually in the right.
  16. Oh god I've already been so angry over this whole new system and haven't yet taken the exam! I feel it may make me worse. Right I shall do it and see what the outcome is. It cannot be possible that we all feel the same about this. I feel this is exactly why Performance not always taken seriously.

    Right I am on it and I will see
  17. catlynda- did you do the level 2?
    Sounds like it, the video was very poor and I wouldn't have given him a Distinction. Made me wonder if my Pass students should be getting a lot higher!
    I failed and looking back at the answers I think some were ambiguous. What annoys me is that the IV work we did in the Summer was taken away by the EV to be used as exemplar material, six of one and half a dozen of another. No support in school, no time to do it. Ended up rushing it as had forgotten about it and was panicking.
    We actually like them coming in, gives us a chance to talk things through with somebody. We also had a regional quality person telling us to enrol for dance and acting when in fact only needed one of us, if only I had been slower the person who is more experienced could have done it!!
  18. Hi I am hoping to complete the rest of this test today (a whole sunday taken up with it!!) already spent a day off timetable doing it. It is truly subjective you are right. There are inaccuracies in the printed assignments and in the questions themselves.
    Im just going to complete it as quickly as I can now, spent long enough stressing over it and hope for the best. What is the timescale from you finding out you hadn't passed to them sending in the externa verifier? Just so I can get all my paper work in order ready, I have a feeling I will need be seeing the External Verifier! Its probably for the best as they can then see what we actually do, as opposed to assessing us through some second rate 'tic-box' quiz, which is claerly just keeping someone in a job.
  19. Hi there, I have also spent hours looking over the current test - everytime I come up with different answers for certain questions as they are so unclear - not looking forward to failing!!! Frustrating like everyone says when you normally have no problems re NSS. Can't believe how stressed it has made me & how much time I have had to spend on it as they are units I would never teach so have had to print out & look over the spec in loads of detail too. Good luck!!! Here goes nothing!
  20. Mad dog

    Mad dog New commenter

    Did it yesterday

    waste of time

    How am I supposed to tell if a poss poor recording shows a 'good' voice or a 'strong' voice?

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