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Organising Unit 2 AS exam for 2 weeks ish. last minute q

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by madjessy, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hi guys

    Just sending all the forms to my examiner and not worked with this spec and just wondered about the preparation of the running order you have to supply.
    I have 7 sitting this all doing monologues for section A and then split into 2 groups for section B. Am I allowed to order it like this
    6pm - 6.40 Group 1 section B

    6.40-6.50 3 * monologues.

    (Interval 6.50 - 7.15)

    7.15- 7.40 Group 2 section B
    7.40 -7. 55 4* monologues.

    Does that format sound ok? I'm just not sure if and how much time they require between performances for note taking as got caught out last minute by my GCSE examiner needing 15 mins after performances. I would like for the atmosphere to replicate as much as possible a professional show but obviously exam needs are paramount.

  2. I am sure it will be fine
    I have tended to find that monologues usually go first but sure its not compulsory
    However, you are not allowing much time after the group peice and before the monologues
    I would be tempted to start your monologues at 6.50
    I was lucky as my examiner remained in the space but i have had ones that want to go out in between.
    May worth ringing them as asking - moblie numbers tend to be on the forms now
    by the way my running order had no times on it - just an order!!
    Good luck with your exams

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