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Organising the classroom dilemma...

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Christine86, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Christine86

    Christine86 New commenter


    There is probably a very simple solution to this but I just simply cannot think of anything!

    I have 2 students who require computers set up in the classroom (it is detailed on their EHCPs - so we need to make this happen). We cannot have them on tables as a student tourniquets with the wires and will throw, punch, kick the computer. We have tried enclosing the wires and fixing the computer to the desk but it is still targeted, obviously. We have tried using screen to deter this from happening, but it becomes more of a target and the screen can be pushed over and cannot be fixed to the floor or walls. They have to be desktops, they cannot be laptops or iPads.

    There are no spare spaces at all, and they cannot be set up in the corridor for similar reasons noted above.

    They must be in the class somehow but not pose a risk to anyone.

    Only possible 'solutions' which all have major negatives:
    1) As these are stated on their EHCPs - is there anyway of changing the targets? In my experience...no, as their targets are there for a reason.
    2) split the children up so we can have the PCs in class/ or they join another class where the PC will not be targeted- due to the students' complex needs, they must all stay in my class.
    3) build a solid structure in class to enclose the workstations safely - impractical as there is no space or funding for this and I would have to provide the materials myself.
    4) clear the classroom cupboard (approx 4m x 3m) and set up the cupboard as a quiet work room - It has no windows or natural light - it can be made to look like a mini classroom, but not very attractive and could be considered as unethical as it'd be the exclusion of the 2 student and their 2 1:1 adult support- plus all of my stuff will have to go somewhere! Although they'd only be in there for up to 15mins a day. (This is a built-in walk in small storage room.)

    In short, if we have computers in class and honour the EHCP targets, simply someone will get hurt.
    If we don't have computers, we will be disregarding the EHCP targets which is also a no-no.

    I'm sure someone will have a solution that I have completely missed! If anyone has had the same problem, I would be very grateful hearing of any advice!

    Thank you for reading x
  2. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    Is it a different student who throws the computers or one of the students who has the computer stated on their EHCP?
  3. Christine86

    Christine86 New commenter

    There's two students each needing a PC and a different student who tourniquets/ targets the computer.
  4. Owleyes00

    Owleyes00 New commenter

    What is the reason it can’t be a laptop/iPad?
    I would have thought the solution would be to use a laptop with a wireless mouse..or even a touch screen depending on the needs of your pupils.

    Do you already have these computers in school or are they yet to be purchased?
    You can get desks where a desktop computer folds down into the top much like an old style school desk.

    Or, more simply, if they only need to use the computers for 15 minutes a day, could the pupils not be taken out with a staff member to the library/computer room for this time?
  5. Christine86

    Christine86 New commenter

    Hey, thank you for the reply,
    It's because the student is visually impaired and we need to teach him to use a specially adapted keyboard before he loses all of his sight. We have no funding at all, therefore I would have to buy the furniture myself out of my own money which I simply cannot do. We;ve just been told there may have to be redundancies, so sadly buying specialised furniture is not an option and also, will still be targeted anyway.

    They will not leave the classroom to go anywhere else, and there is no where else for them to go.

    It's a tricky one!

    Thank you again for the reply though x
  6. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    Go back to the person who wrote that into the EHCP and ask them? You say you can't ignore the EHCP, but in situations where the EHCP isn't actually mortally possible to comply with, it by default doesn't happen. I've had instructions passed down from on high to comply with EHCPs before, when it would have had to have come out of my limited family time or my personal bank account to comply with, and guess what, it hasn't happened. When challenged, I've simply said it doesn't fit into my working hours or my budget, you need to employ someone else and find more money.

    Ther are maangers who seem to think simply ordering something to happen will make it happen, no matter what the cost to the member of staff
  7. Owleyes00

    Owleyes00 New commenter

    I agree with the comment above. In a situation where there is no budget or resources it goes beyond your scope as a class teacher alone to solve this problem. Go to your line manager in the first instance and ask what they would suggest given the circumstances.

    The only other thing I would suggest on the targeting issue is that if you can’t take these children out can you take the child who targets out to do something nice during there computer time?

    You absolutely must not buy anything yourself.

    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    You do not say what sector (UK) you are in. Does your school have a DT workshop or a site services dept ?

    Is there a way to obtain ALL-IN -ONE desktops ? or

  9. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    The child that stops the PCs from being used - that’s a target.
    Like others say, custom built furniture with holes for the leads.

    Possibly sounds negative, but I would set it up as normal and then when the said child messes with the leads I would deploy full formal sanctions and advise parents/guardians that they are disrupting a EHCP child's entitlement to support. And then go again and if it happens again, more sanctions. At some point either the child, the parents or the SLT will offer a solution to stop the escalation.
  10. Christine86

    Christine86 New commenter

    Thank you.

    I am in a secondary class within a school for children with profound special needs. 9 students (all technically should be 1:1, with 5 members of staff (2 assigned 1:1s to the children requiring computers).

    I love the idea about having the 3rd student out of the room for this learning time. This may be feasible - sadly they have limited interested but one of my team has bought her a bike this morning, so that will help with that - thank you for that suggested.

    As for setting up the PCs as I normally would - I like the idea of enclosing the computers somehow - I will talk to our Site Team about how we may be able to do this.

    It was the parents who requested the PCs on the EHCP, under the instruction of the VI teacher. So it does need to stay really....

    We do not have a line manager at the moment as they have only just employed someone for this role. I have asked around and the general answer is 'you're going to have to wait for ___ to start their role'.

    We do not have any rooms to go to. Every single room and space is being occupied by classes and due to the needs of my class (and staffing) we cannot go anywhere else.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH - I have a lot to think about in regards to this.

    Take care everyone x

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