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Organising tables (seems silly)

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pooped, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. pooped

    pooped New commenter

    I am fed up of all the clutter on my desks!!! In my literacy lessons children need access to their books, word/spelling books, high frequency word mat, VCOP pyramids (on A4 and not 3D), whiteboards, markers and can't quite think what else. Recipe for disaster.
    Can anyone offer me an ingenius storage solution to stop me going mad!! I was hoping to get large letter rack type storage but couldn't find any. I need something easily accessible but am struggling to think straight.
    Any ideas gratefully received.
    Thank you
  2. I have on my tables an A4 size box from the useful box range. they come with clip on lids and then can be stacked away neatly until needed next time and will hold the equivalent to a ream of paper. They are quite expensive but I bought mine a while ago an have used them for many things and because they are sturdy they haven't broken so I think in the long run have had my money's worth out of them.
  3. Those cleaning caddies with a handle on them seem quite a common choice (if you get what I mean)... or different trays for subjects - you don't need maths books and number squares for literacy etc with a monitor who gets that table's literacy tray from over on the side or whatever.
  4. I have those plastic boxes from IKEA on each table - they come in red and blue (wish there were more colours, but there you go - you can always cover them with wallpaper) and are £1 each (I think, unless they've just gone up). They're just a smidge bigger than A4, and quite deep so hold LOADS - I can store a whole class set of books in one easily (31 in my class now) so a table's worth plus bits and bobs shouldn't be a problem. You could always put dividers in them as well, to make a pen pot area, word mat slot etc etc. I was meaning too, but didn't get round to it, so just bung everything in - I did buy one of those long pencil cases/desk and all pencils etc go in there (and children have to make sure all pencils etc are in it at the end of the day before they are dismissed).
    They sit in groups of 6 or 8, so there is enough room for the box in the middle without it getting in the way, and easily pops under the desk if we are doing something huge or messy (like Art).
    Hope thats of some help :)

  5. I use a cleaning caddy on each table.
    The big side stores all the whiteboards etc nicely, while the 2 small sections on the other side hold pens/pencils etc.
  6. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I have 2 sets of 3 boxes, stored in black shelves so they're like drawers. One table monitor each lesson gets that table's drawer, which contains everything from pencils to scrap paper.
    I often wish, though, that the children sat at tables that have their own trays just underneath the writing surface. Maybe I subconsciously wish for a return to the old desks with lift-up lids!

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