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Organising a theatre trip

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by aeph, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if someone could please give me a step by step guide on how to organise a theatre trip.

    People at my school don't see to want to help out, but I am keen to get one (or two going).

    Also, any tips would be much appreciated!

  2. 1. Look for dates that suit on school calendar/get permission etc
    2. Phone group line and book correct number of tickets for staff and students - get date to pay by.
    3. Go back to calendar and reserve date officially
    4. Get quote for coach
    5. Do maths combining costs and spreading teachers tickets etc across the final amount. (add insurance if necessary)
    6. Write letter and get it approved
    7. Send out letter, students must pay by a certain date (before pay by date)
    8. Pay for tickets by the deadline - either send cheque or use school credit card. (Arrange in advance with the office)
    9. Get office to collect the money and slips and do you a list of payments and permissions. (get this list in advance of trip)
    10. Do risk assessment, talk to SEN etc
    11. Prep kids in lesson on accepted behaviour - do not assume they know how to behave
    12. Prep them again and remind them public are paying too and are to be respected - no eating whatsoever etc
    13. Prep them again and remind them to sit in the seat they get a ticket for NOWHERE else.
    14 lay tickets out on floor when they arrive in post and devise seating plan - write names on back of tickets clustering noisy kids around teachers. (only necessary with naughty groups)
    15. On the day of the trip make sure you have the epi pens/first aid kit etc
    16. Load them onto coach - usual no chewing gum/head counting routine.
    17. Give out tickets outside auditorium
    18. Get phones switched off, make sure staff are seated BOTH behind and in front of them (in front so you can turn around and give the glare)
    19. On the way back insist parents are there early.
    20. Go home and plan the next one

    Have probably missed something crucial

  3. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Your school will have (has to have by law) an Educational Visits Co-ordinator. They are paid a TLR to support staff who want to run trips.

    Most trips that are not residential can be broken down into a few main parts.

    1) Transport (Bus, train, coach, minibus)
    2) Venue (presumably a theatre)
    3) staffing ( Depending on age but in secondary normally 1 adult to 15 kids)
    4) Risk assessment (How is everyone going to be kept safe)
    5) Payments ( How much and when plus someone needs to keep an account, accept payments, issue receipts, pay deposits and final balances. This should be the Bursar or other admin wonk and not you)

    If you have a more specific question then add it below and I will do my best or pm me.

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