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Organising a sponsored walk in school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by L10, May 11, 2011.

  1. L10

    L10 New commenter

    I'm looking at organising a sponsored walk around our local area with the children and staff in school but not quite sure where to start. I've been told that we have to inform local police and the children have to wear a reflective band. I've Googled it but cannot find any info on the organisational side of it. Has anybody done this before / know where I can get advice? Thank you.
  2. L10

    L10 New commenter

    anybody tried this?
  3. I organised one in our (huge) school grounds, I had to do a risk assessment, I also got someone from the local council to officially start the walk and sign as a whitness form that it was completed, I should image for a walk outside the school you would need the high Vis jackets, the same as you need for a walking bus, try your local Council, they might help to supply them.Good luck, it takes a fair bit of organising.
  4. L10

    L10 New commenter

    Thanks for that, did you need to get roads etc closed? Read somewhere that you're meant to?

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