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Organisation of Y1 Maths lessons

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by spike39, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. I have a class of 30 (Spring/Summer born) Y1 children. I teach maths following a numeracy hour structure but am finding that this is too formal for them. They find it difficult to sit and focus on the carpet and lots also find it difficult to work independently at tables. We stream for maths and therefore I am constrained by the timetable. I have to teach for a specific hour each day so can't do a rotation activities with them. Also only have a TA for 2 of the sessions a week. Would love to hear how other manange to organise Y1 maths lessons.
  2. Hello Spike
    Have you made your expectations explicit to them?
  3. In year 1? Why and what do you mean by this?

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