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organisation of 1:1 reading in reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by daisypetals, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I do my 1:1 readers during the children's Child-initiated learning time. I call over about 4 children at once ( with their bookbags) and they complete an activity at my table such as a compare bears sorting card, making a bead pattern, doing a lacing card while I read with one of the children. I then hear 1 read, send them on their way and hear next child. Once my table is empty I call over the next 4.
    Before we move off the carpet, I remind children of expectations of playing sensibly and using indoor voices etc. I find I can get through whole class (24) children in the afternoon and have very little interuption from noisy children as they just get on with things. There is of course the odd thing that I have to sort e.g. an arugment over who wants to dress up as what in the home corner but generally they are fine. Once all readers are done, I support their CIL. [​IMG]
    How many can you fit in your outside area?


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