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Order of sections when teaching Year 7 Mathematics

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by BiancaMillard, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. I am fairly new to teaching and to teaching Maths. My initial thoughts were to begin teaching Numbers, then move onto Data, Number Patterns, Fractions, Decimals etc.
    But I have been told by my collegues that it is better to be working on the basic Maths skills say on a Monday, then be working on two different areas within the week, so they dont forget their skills. Im really confused and need some help on how to plan my week.

    Any advice, will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Bianca
    Ok, whilst maths is sequentual there is scope for altering the order of topics if the new one doesnt require prior knowledge that has been skipped.
    IMO its establishing 'who' is in front of you. (Heaven forbid) If I was leading a curric I would not touch any SOW until pupils were fluent in numeracy. Generally the entire frst term of year 7 should IMO be dedicated to numeracy whether that be adding 2 digit numbers for lower ability pupils to advanced number work such as indices for higher ability pupils.
    Again, IMO there is zero point trying to teach some topics (averages for example) just because it comes up in year 7 term 1 if the audience cannot divide two numbers.
    Th kids dont need number patterns before they need basic shape and space per se, just a solif foundation of the 4 operations and a rough appreciation of place value.
    Out of interest, how did you wind up teaching maths? and surely there is a department SOW in place rather than teachers doing their own thing?
  3. Hi Bianca,
    I agree with Betamale in that the basics are really important. I've recently started private tutoring - I currently have 5 students - and I've noticed, even at this early stage, that there is a trend in students struggling with their GCSE's not being able to do the very basics. In some cases I have had to go right back and recap primary school topics so that they can move on with a better understanding of what they are learning.eg. multiplying fractions - I had to go back and recap basic fractions and what they represent, then do top heavy fractions, what they mean and how to work them out, and only after all of this could my student then move on to multiplying fractions! You'll also be able to use these early lessons to assess your pupils strengths/weaknesses. Times tables is another common struggle!
    All the best with your teaching.


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