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options process begins....

Discussion in 'Music' started by dropje, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    Well, our options are in and tomorrow we find out the choices. The E-Bac has been pushed to the nth degree. The yr9's really believe they have a better chance in life if they do it. All performing arts did amazing assemblies.
    How are yours? I am seriously concerned.
  2. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith New commenter

    Got fingers crossed, although the new BTEC could hurt us. As music, drama and dance are all essentially under the "performing arts" banner, and the school doesn't offer GCSEs in drama or dance, we could be stuffed...
  3. I'm not at all hopeful... Music is being squeezed further and further out at the moment. Bad times for the arts subjects.
  4. I definitely have a group at the moment as those whose courses aren't running have already been told. But I've been affected by drama suddenly offering the BTEC performing Arts diploma (they weren't orginally - they were just going to go with single option blocks) which is partly in the same block as music and I've lost several talented musicians as they're swayed by having an extra GCSE as our school still is pushing BTECs.
  5. The bloody EBacc.. I'm sick of it. The kids and parents think it's an extra qualification if they do the subjects! Arts are being squeezed out, and now we need 16 for an option to run, with only 14 at options choice last year (which went up to 23 after they swtiched courses when they discovered they didnt like the subjects they chose) I am worried.
    Probably going to end up teaching history or geography or something else as a second subject at this rate... or be made redundant....!
  6. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith New commenter

    The BTEC offered this year should be the new one, which is only equivalent to one GCSE. I'm fairly certain that in 2014 (IE, when those choosing options now get their KS4 results) that only one non-GCSE qualification can be counted in the league tables per student...

    I'd double check, but the days of BTEC being worth double (or even quadruple) are numbered...
  7. I had three GCSE students when I arrived two years ago - then I got 7 and now in year 10 I have 12. However in Year 9 I seem to be on track for about 5. I think I've been rumbled!
    (Year 8- however, looks like it will need to be two groups - at least 20 have made a firm commitment - so perhaps I should not take it personally)
  8. Our year 8 have already made their option choices! We start GCSE/BTEC courses in year 9. I was quite amazed to actually have sufficient numbers to be allowed a group - (although I do wonder about the ability of some of them to complete the course successfully particularly as they have only had a 2 years KS3). I did not have a class from last year's options as I didn't hit the "magic number" of choices. EBacc has not been actively promoted within my school.
  9. We're start options this week, with options evening tonight!
    Up until now we have taught BTEC but as this has been merged into performing arts we may not get a group.
    We have been told we have to do Edexcel GCSE. our kids can't read a note of music and are all into guitars and drums - not a 'classical' instrument in sight.
    how they will be able to analyse 12 scores for set pieces is beyond me. We have failed them before they have even started. I just don't know of an accessible alternative for them to replace the BTEC with.
    Don't think I'll be getting a group this year!
  10. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Fear not, there's no analysis in Edexcel GCSE Music. They just have to memorise a few simple facts about each piece.
  11. I have a list of 16 pupils and am quite amazed I am allowed a group as the magic number is 20. There are quite a mix of kids in the group but only 1 who has instrumental lessons. There are a good number of lovely kids who do okay in KS3 lessons plus a few where I am thinking 'why did you choose Music' and a couple who will certainly be challenging. Having only 16 will mean that I will be likely to acquire quite a few in year admissions.
  12. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    I was asked if I wanted 2 groups. Now the head said that 23 may reduce and how much would a music tech help me? Wow. Seems I can't do no wrong at the moment. Also pushed for Post 16 to be re-offered and seems that has been accepted too, although it is BTEC L3 (we the most horrendous BTEC system ever-so bad that there is only 1 BTEC L2 course) I do really want to teach post 16 again, otherwise I end up teaching 5 subjects again and I hate it.
    The upside of having 2 groups, and this was my argument, is I will have the space if students want to change options - it happens every year. I gain at least 3 somewhere along the line, usually from history!
  13. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    That can be a wonderful opportunity if you can appoint the right person. There are plenty of well-qualified music techicians around, and if you can appoint one with a teaching qualification then you may get much useful help in re-starting post 16 courses.
    When A-level music technology first appeared we appointed a music technician on a peri basis initially, and he turned out to be so good that we eventually appointed him full-time to teach most of the music technology, as well as help with GCSE, buy and maintain equipment and give some individual lessons.
  14. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    That's precisely what I am looking for. Someone to teach an instrument, keep stuff up dated, work with KS4 & 5 and teach a bit of peri. Also help out with live sound etc. Having started this thread moaning, I now feel quite perky. I do tend to think too pessimistically at first.

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