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Optional SATs Revision

Discussion in 'Primary' started by regencyrob, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. It has come to light in another thread that many teachers will be cramming, revising, filling in the gaps prior to optional SATs in years 3,4,5.

    I for one will not be doing this as I believe that good results lie in high quality teaching throughout the year and reflective practice is vital, continuously assessing and evaluating children and their knowledge throughout the year!

    Revising, cramming etc could be potentially damaging for children moving up a year with inflated assessment results!
  2. Those year groups should still be being <u>taught!!</u>

    I have never heard of such a thing! That would not be allowed in our school.

    All that does is show how children performed on the day in those tests.
  3. I do not see the problem in going over areas that have been covered this year in order to get your children ready for these tests. We recently did our practice tests and while on the whole my children did very well in them there are some areas I want to remind them about. They for some reason forgot to use in the test the addition/subtraction/multiplication and devision methods we have learnt this year. So we have gone over some of these this week with me reminding that they are confident in using the methods and they should use them in the test.
    I have also gone through the practice test with them to show them what the question was asking and to help them realise that they are very capable at answering the questions in the test.
    Our numeracy subject leader have given us the ok to do this.
    When I send my class up to Year 6 the levels I will give their new teacher will not be the level that they get in Optional Test but a level based on how they have done all year. The Year 6 teachers will get to see the Optional Test levels.
  4. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    What you taught them last November is utterly no use to them if they can't remember it. 'Revision' is ensuring that the learning is still there - not only for the tests, but for building on. You most likely 'revise' quite often - every time you do a mental starter for example.
    I would say it is blatantly unfair on children to test them on something without giving the opportunity to revise it, since in any other set of 'tests' (ie GCSEs) revision takes place.
    Revision, of course, should still look like high quality teaching and not be a pile of test questions. It shouldn't be specifically directed towards 'known' questions on the tests (that would be cheating!).
  5. There is a difference between a spiral curriculum- revision of themes etc and having a whole week of revision going over how to answer specific types of questions etc

    For example going through a different reading paper and discussing how to get marks on questions, also I feel giving them a test e.g a past paper to see where the gaps are and then filling them before the actual test is blatant cheating
  6. We are not just 'filling in the gaps' we are reminding the children of things that been covered and making sure they use the strategies that they have been taught. Not doing a past test would be unfair to the children, they need to see how questions are set out and also need to understand what questions mean. Not sure about other people but I tend to only go through the numeracy test paper as the questions do often throw the children as the wording can be difficult. I don't go through the reading test papers.
    I know our Year 6s are constantly going over past papers to make sure that the children are given every opportunity to understand and know how the SATS tests are written.
    Revision is a good tool for the children to have as they will be constantly revising in secondary school.
    Anyway if you look at how the numeracy blocks are written they are set out in revision type mode. So if it is good enough for the numeracy strategy then it is good enough for me.
  7. The blocks are set out so you revisit and add to them for example addition then addition 3 digits then addition with decimals!

    You go through the actual test paper? We have readers for the children that need them but you shouldnt be going through the whole paper with the whole class.

    They should have seen exam type questions and problems through out the year in plenaries etc or what is the point of teaching them all year!?

    The wording could be difficult!?? Not if you have been teaching how to answer word problems throughout the year!

    Because they do lots of revision in secondary school does not make it a good thing! Many secondaries teach to the test and are now being asked to take the good practice from primary school and utilise it
  8. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Ff SAT tests only check a moment in time they are no use anyway as they dont test learning only the ability to answer a form of question.......more important to me is to see continual revision and assessmet with checking that pupils are understanding what we deem essential skills, rather than seeking to glorify the school through a result and bowing to the whim of politiacal masters.....to my mind SAT's are devisive and aid no learning......especaily when i have seen so many schools, on supply, simply coaching kids to get high grades..and leading to uncreative learning and teaching!
  9. We do look at the 4 operations daily but for some reason my kids decided not to use them or came up with their own operation. It is very annoying as I know they can do the different operations. When we looked at the questions they did in the practice test paper they were able to tell me what methods to use and how to set out the sum (which as you can imagine is even more annoying). Fingers crossed when they come to do their next test they will remember that they do actually know what they are doing.
    There was nothing on the test that we have not already covered this year. I teach the lower set for numeracy and they do at times forget what methods we have learnt. They do make me laugh because when I have gone through some of the questions they have said that wasn't hard.
    They also struggle with word problems (despite doing them on several occassions this year). So I will be going over word problems with them.
    At the end of the day we all teach in different ways and we all do the best for the children in our class. And how we ensure that our children achieve what we know they can achieve is down to us.

  10. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    Nonsense. Some teachers have 2, 3 or more year groups all in the same class. If you are teaching percentages to your Year Fives in November, then please explain how you are supposed to revisit this and all the other topics continually in warm-ups etc with year 3 and 4, some of whom do not yet know their number bonds.

  11. Are you honestly saying you dont continuously revist everything?
    in maths we have done decimals fractions and percentages at least 3 times this year

  12. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    I'm guessing you don't have 10 level 2 children, (3 of them 2c) working in the same class with 8 level 3, 8 level 4 and 3 level 5's.
  13. I am in a year 5 class with some children at level 1 about 5 of them. then a large range from level 2 - 3a and then about 8 4b and above!
    Work is differentiated. when the top group are doing multiplication by decimals the lower group are still learning x tables.

    When the top group are writing independently the bottom group do guided writing with an adult!

    Come on I differentiate all my lessons at least 3 ways, your class seems normal in fact it seems like quite a good range! I mean you have no statemented children there!
  14. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    I bow to your superior skills. How lucky your children are to have such a gifted teacher.
  15. thats just normal!!
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Don't worry - they'll be doing it in y7,8,9,10 and 11 and half of them still won't get it!
  17. Revision should be called revisiting, and treated as such! Refresh and extend!

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