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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by chodgesw19, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. The GCSE Optem sheets arrived at school for me on Thursday.....anyone else recieved theirs yet? Am slightly confused as to whey there appear to be 4 separate sheets as opposed to the old format of the one sheet. I'm guessing that the non-asterixed sheet is for the practical mark and then one for the coursework for both Papers 1 and 2, is that what everyone else is doing?!!
  2. OPTEMS should be arriving soon - if they haven't arrived yet. You will receive two OPTEMS sheets for each Unit - 5DR01 and 5DR02. One set for the Practical and one set for the Documentary Response for each unit. You need to think of it as two papers in each unit. It doesn't come in the old form because you are recording Practical and DocResponse marks separately. It's no longer one mark out of 60. 5DR01 01 is practical and 5DR01 02 is for DocRes. And that should mean the sheet with asterisks is DocResp and will have a code like 5DR01 02 or 5DR02 02. (I'm not teaching the course but am moderating and I think I've got those details right.)

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