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Opinions required please!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by RightClick, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. My partner and I have recently set up a new business supporting schools with their ICT systems. While my partner manages the technical side of things I look after the training (staff and students).

    My question is....
    What is it that Primary school teachers are looking for when it comes to delivering ICT within the classroom? Do they require support (team teaching)? Do they need the training to deliver independently? OR would they prefer someone to come in with a course that ticks all the cross curricular lCT links and have someone else deliver it (qualified teacher of course)?

    I'm looking for something which is going to make us stand out from the crowd (I believe we do already but I want to go the extra mile).

    All ideas welcome.
  2. The biggest problem in primary schools is always cost. I can't think of a single school that I have ever worked in that would pay for anyone to come in for more than a day once every 5 years or so to help on the teaching side. Some wouldn't be able to afford even that. Technical support is a need but you would have to be very local to be any use. People need help NOW and need someone to sort it for them not talk to them. Teachers don't have time to sort out problems all the time.
  3. Crowbob,

    These are questions that we have already asked but it doesnt hurt to gain ideas from a variety of teachers. Im sure they all want something different. The technical side was set up before the teaching support side of things.
  4. Roseangel,

    I totally agree that money is always the issue for schools which is why we are aiming to include as much in our services as possible. We tailor our contracts to suit the individual school. We sell hours and with those hours a school can use them for whatever they see fit. If technical support is not a necessity throughout the entire year then they can opt for training, whether that be for staff or students.
    We are aiming to provide our customers with as much value added support as possible.

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