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Opinions of formal schooling starting later, for presentation!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ashley6702, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Hi i am currently doing a presentation discussing formal schooling and how me and my group believe it should start later as in Finland and other worldwide countries i would be greatful for some opinions......... thanks Ashley
  2. Yes it absolutely should start later, to give children time to become "ready to learn" by maturing, developing motor skills etc; although I know this would not necessarily happen at home, countries like finland have Kindergarten don't they? (I'm not 100% sure) which a child starts at a younger age but in which there is no "formal" schooling, just loads of explorative play-based activities. I saw on teachers' TV once that children are not expected to hold a pencil to learn to form letters and numbers until age 7. Up until that point they paint with large brushes and paper, use ribbons, chalk and crayon/ shaving foam etc; all the things that are happening in the FS curriculum here (but without the learning of words etc) I do think it's sad that children at age 4 years and 2 months can be expected to begin formal school, i.e. sitting at the front of a huge assembly hall for no apparent reason etc.
    However there are children who are ready to learn to read and write etc at age 4 and they should in no means be held back, but i don't think a text rich environment as described above, with lots of opportunities to role play writing etc with some teacher input, would do that!
  3. Hello,
    I have written a dissertation on this topic which gave both sides of the arguement for formal schooling beginning early as well as later.
    I could give you my list of references if you are looking for more literature to support your opinion.

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