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Opinion on S Korea salary package?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by pleco62, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    I need your worthy opinions on a salary package - well known Brit school in Seoul, SMT post, £44k-£46k with accommodation and medical insurance, freight costs & annual flights. I'm a single person.
    Any good?

  2. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Dear OP. Don't be greedy now. [​IMG] A fine wedge for teaching in the region.
    Puts my Indonesian salary to shame and I was more than comfortable on that.
  3. The vast majority of western 'teachers' in korea (non qualified English teachers) earn in the region of 2-3 million won per month. The average probably being close to 2.4 million with a total of two weeks paid vacation a year. These teachers can save, from the money they earn.

    I get paid more than them (i am fully qualified) - although i did take a pay cut from my last overseas position.

    £45,000 = 6,666,666 won a month. As a single person you could live well and expect to save atleast 3 million won a month. On average i spend from 1-2 million a month. the cost of living is low, but with all capital cities expect to pay more in the capital.

    It looks like a good deal.

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