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Opie or Lichtenstein ICT tutorial

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Art Glue, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. I want to do some Photoshop elements work turning portrait photos of my pupils into Opie and or Lichtenstein style. I worked from a tutorial i found last year however it was to difficult. Does anyone have a good version suitable for year 8 pupils
  2. JUlian OpIe on Photoshop dead easy
    take close up photo like passort head and chin
    make duplicate layer, use magnetic lasso tool trace the ears, use paint bucket select skin colour paint it then select fillthen make black outline
    repeat for ears, neck,face, hair then details eyes etc
    did this with my my 8's on my PGCE 2 year ago
    whats ur email I will send powerpoint how to I made
    simplified it the best i could, so good it can be taken to shop where they can put onto canvas
  3. any chance I could have a copy too? My level of Photoshop understanding is probably the same as year 8 pupils if not less!
    thanks in advance!
  4. Hey im about to start my pgce in septemeber and was thinking about doing something like this for a lesson could i take a look at the power point aswell. I know how to do it, haha obviously if you look at my avatar but would be nice to see how someone has presented it.


    Email is . andy.prest@ntlp.org.uk

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