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Discussion in 'Personal' started by henriette, May 21, 2011.

  1. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    Have just bought laptops for teh children (gulp!)
    They include the trial version of Office, not the full versions.
    I am I better to:
    a) install Openoffice
    b) ask a friend to install the French version of office which he has
    c) spend another arm and leg?

    What I guess Ireally want to know is this:
    • is Openoffice good?
    • Does it do what a GCSE students needs it to do for producing homework?
    • Do other systems read it easily?
  2. Open Office is very good, it will do all that is necessary for producing homework and it's completely compatible. Never had any problems in all my years of using it.
  3. Open Office is great - I have been using it for years. Absolutely no problems with compatibility and it is free!
  4. To put it in a nutshell for you
    Better than good.
    More than enough.

  5. I wonder where I'm going wrong?
    I've heard nothing but good about Open Office, but I've downloaded it twice, and each time I had no end of probs!
    As a Ludd Lives type, it must be me. [​IMG] Suggestions anyone?
  6. What are your problems?
  7. Oh all sorts! Saving docs to memory stick, and then not being able to open them on another machine. And vice versa: saving Word docs on another machine which then wouldn't open on this little netbook. Other probs I can't remember, just frustrating gobbledegook type things. Son thought I'd downloaded a virus!!

    This has Microsoft Works (which I don't like) so I wonder if that's causing probs. Or perhaps I downloaded a 'fake' Open Office!
    (Sorry if diverting thread, I'm sure OP will be fine with it!)
  8. buy office

    the student version is cheaper and you can use it on multiple machines

    I have also downloaded openoffice twice and been unhappy both times

    also I like the functionality of office
  9. You can save any open office doc in Word form. Or excel form. Or pp form.
    And the funtionality is the same as Office.
    I have the official MS version at work, OO at home. Never a problem with transfering data.
  10. Are you sure?

    When I downloaded OO it did not have all the functionality of the Office that I had then and I have since upgraded, and if I were buying new now it would be a further upgrade
  11. Pretty much.
    I have always used OO at home.
    In the office I have used Office.
    Never had any problems.
    I can also recommend Gimp.
  12. Latest version?
  13. Yup.
  14. Well I would check but it seems an issue for Mac so a no go
  15. Used to have it on our staff laptops at school and it was dreadful in refusing to open office format documents. Might have improved since then but I hated it and ended up having to bring in my own personal laptop on several occasions to open stuff for use in class.
    Student edition of Office is cheap - or if you've got an OH who works for a big company they might have some deal where you can buy it for your own PCs at home for cheap - we got our versions via this route with hubby's work.
  16. You have to make sure that you use the .doc file extension not the open office .odt as that won't open without open office being installed.
  17. Here's a bit of reading for you about Open Office and Libre Office ( a split from OO but almost identical) which highlights strengths and also where OO/LO fail with MS documents.


    I've never had a problem with older versions of MS Office and OO but haven't done much with newer ,i.e. Office 2007, releases. I think the advice about student versions of MS is good and would probably swing it for me if I had secondary school age children.
  18. I used it on my computer when I was broke and had terrible trouble with compatibility. I was able to buy MS Office at a great rate through work, but would have otherwise bought the student version.

    I get my students to send me their work by email and send the corrections back by email. One of them uses Open Office and he also has problems with it (well we both have problems with it...)

    I think problems arise whenever documents are shared between MS Office and OO.
  19. Interesting responses.
    I googled OO after replying to this thread previously, and could find few negatives. I always thought it was me who had probs. Shame I can't afford MS Office and will have to continue to use the version on the old clunker that I still own, and transfer by memory stick.
    (Unless someone knows how to transfer MS Office from the aforementioned clunker on to this netbook( she said hopefully!) )
  20. If you have your original disk and serial number you will be fine. I was going to say download the trial version of the ms office you have and activate it with your serial number but (it seems)you can't get old versions of ms office.

    Having said that Open Office is just as good and fully compatible with ms office. Have a look round at some of the other free office suites on the net..lotus symphony or oxygen office.
    Also check out online office apps such as Google docs, Zoho or Thinkfree.


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