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opening a kindergarten!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by umsaalih604, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone! I have just set my new yr goal and its to open a Kindergarten by September. I really need resources and advice. Can anyone help me. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! I have just set my new yr goal and its to open a Kindergarten by September. I really need resources and advice. Can anyone help me. Thanks
  3. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I find it hard to support this.
    If you have the experience to open a proper kindergarten, you already have a wealth of knowledge to drow on, and a personal network that will serve you well.
    Your post gives the impression that you don't, which means any school would probably be of very low quality unless you get REALLY lucky in hiring a proper school head immediately.
    Your timeline is very unrealistic for a high quality school. The recruiting season is in full swing and you'll miss most of the good educators unless you start hiring now.
    If you really want to do this, hire at least 2 excellent, experienced school leaders. Have them move to your city/country now and start work full time immediately. They need to order tons of resources, playground equipment, remodel or build a proper facility. This will cost oodles of money. They need to plan a proper curriculum and put together the myriad policies, ads, everything to establish the nature and climate of the school. Expect to pay at least UK70,000 per annum for each of these 2 people, starting now, plus housing, medical, flights, etc.
    My suggestion - change your timeline completely. Spend the next several years going back to school and getting the experience you need as a teacher and school leader.
    If I mis-read your post and you already have the needed experience, I'm sorry. I probably haven't told you anything you don't already know.
  4. £70 thousand pounds each? Are you being realistic? I could start a school in Asia easily for that price.
  5. And of course hire local heads who are just as good as UK counter-parts. In my experience most kindergartens overseas are not professional and pay heads of school around £2500 pounds a month at the most.
  6. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    You get what you pay for.
  7. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    And do we approve of that?
  8. Good stuff this.
    That's if you want very boring paperpushers who will kill the enthusiasm of any staff you are likely to get, drill the kids into snot eating *** hooked on infotainment and then bog off to get jobs as consultants with Ofsted.
  9. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Ouch. Seems I'm not popular today. [​IMG]
    So does anyone have better advice for the OP? She asked for guidance. If you don't agree with my attempt, please help her.
    At the very least, even for a non-professional day-care style situation of acceptable health and safety standards, she'll need to retrofit some building with tot-sized toilets, modern playground equipment, and tons of "toys" for lack of a better word for all the hands-on bits we give to the littlest guys to help them explore the world.
    What more?
  10. Nowadays many schools in the UK use such things like CMS programs are recrutation services from many companies. I don't know is it good idea to use such things?
  11. And did you read about it? I hope that you find something usefull here,
  12. dylan11

    dylan11 New commenter

    The lady with the arabic name and mother of saahli has joined the newly qualified teacher forum. What does that tell us??? An Arab who wants to get rich quick, also open a school, find local ladies and a local head to run it and then claiming, they use the NC. Simply child minding and that not very good,I have seen that all in Arab countries.Mickey mouse and not even that and some qualified teachers take the time to give advice? My advice is : stay away from schools and let the professionals deal with it.

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