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Open University Food/Textiles PGCE

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Kerry_Kerry, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking into applying for the Design Technology PGCE that the Open University offer and was wondering if anyone is currently undertaking it or have completed it. How is it structured? Are you/did you enjoy it?

    Many Thanks
  2. HI
    This is good thread. I am keeping my options open as I have a feeling that the OU may be the best route for me instead of the PGCE due to family commitments.
    I have looked at the link you sent and I am quite impressed and think that the OU is a good roption. Can I ask how long it will take you to finish? Also you said you started in Jan when did you apply. I would ideally like to start in June or Septemeber, do I have to apply now?
    The bursaries are still available for the 2011/2012 intakes aren't they, I couldn't survive without one.
    Kerry - if we do apply it would be good to have the support from each other as it will be a bit different to a PGCE course where you can interact with the other students.

  3. Hello,

    Indeed the support of each other sounds fab. I'm looking into Starting January 2012 as i'm currently studying my degree with the Open Uni and will not finish until October and im not sure when to apply as i did hear it takes about 6 months for the whole application process to be completed.

    I dont think the bursaries are available for 2011/2012 which is a slight nightmare but im sure it will all be worth it in the end, hopefully! I have had doubts about DT what with all the education cuts and the stronger push towards academic subjects but hopefully that will not be the case.

  4. Hi
    Well i was due to have my PGCE interview tomorrow for D&T but I didn't realise the bursary cuts came into effect from 2011/2012 i thought it was the following year. So I have had to pull out of it as a mature student with a 3 year old I just can't afford not to have the bursary. I am gutted.
    I called the OU straight away to try and get on the course fr July 2011 but they have filled their quota already. I could probably get on the course in November but that means no bursary so I am at a loss of what to do right now. I would still consider doing the OU but I would need to have money coming in from somewhere and I know that you need to complete placements so I wouldn't be able to hold down a steady part time job and study. I really am pulling my hair out with this whole thing.
  5. Hi, I completed my OU PGCE about 18 months ago. I took three years to complete the course but I did have a baby half way through and took time off. I found the course fantastic- there is no way I would have been able to become a teacher as there were no other D+T PGCE courses near me and I was not in a position to relocate.

    I cannot help on the bursary front Im afraid- . but I was entitled to get a student loan and also student maintenance which helped- on top of the nursary- you can also claim for childcare expenses too. If things get really tight, there is also the Open University's "Acess to Learning" fund. You may even be able to apply to a hardship grant. You could work in between your school placements- I did for the first part of the course- or even get a weekend job also- I wouldnt recommend an evening job as there will be a considerable amount of planning etc to do in the evenings.

    Im really pleased I did the course and really enjoyed it!
  6. Thanks for this, I will definitely look into this route.
    How hard was it to find placements or did the OU find them for you?
  7. Hi all,

    I have been going through the process of applying to do the design and technology PGCE with the OU. I have successfully completed my OU interview, have found my own placement school and was due to have my school interview tomorrow.
    Yesterday afternoon I received and email from the OU stating that basically there were no places left for design and technology for the 2010/2011 year and as a result my application had been withdrawn!!!!!! They even stated that the school had been notified that my interview would now not take place. Talk about devestated!!!

    If I want to still continue, then I have no choice but to reapply in July for the November 11 (2011/2012) intake and even then a place is not guaranteed. So all the hard work and effort that I have already put in is now useless as I will have to do it all again - talk about stressed!!!

    Sorry to hijack your thread but I just thought I would give you a bit of insight into just how hard the application process is!!!! I very much understand how you feel with regards to tearing your hair out!!!!
    I hope some of you have better luck than me!!!
  8. Oh no i am really sorry to hear that. THe process is long enough without having to wait an extra few months to see if you have a place. I called them up a few days ago and was told my application can take up to 6 months but as the course is popular I probably would not get on until November at the earliest.
    I really want to do the course but I don't like the thought that the course takes 3 years and I can't really work in that time plus the bursaries have been stopped.

    What will you do now, reapply?

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