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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by becca0417, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. katiekitten

    katiekitten New commenter

    Ive had a few scares in my life - have always been not pregnant, but late through stressing about it.

    Having said that, once you know there are options. Especially when you find out and are only a few weeks pregnant. Dont despair.
  2. maybe no news is good news
  3. are you ok????
    blue line or no blue line???
  4. No....no news is not good news. Its very bad news, well from my perspective anyway. The test was positive.
  5. aaaaahh.....are you ok....silly question but had to say something!

  6. Erm Im alrite. Dont think it'll sink in for a few days...never does when something major happens with me. Just not sure what to do from here really.
    Thanks everyone for all your concern x
  7. Sorry to hear about your news. Just remember, that if it's not the right time for you, you dont have to keep it.
  8. I know ... just not 100% sure I could go through with all that. Guess I better tell the ex
  9. Thinking of you Becca, you can always talk to us.

  10. Thanks everyone Im jus sittin here starin at my screen not quite sure what to do with myself. Usually Id go running to my best friend but I just dont feel like I can do that.
  11. Are you sure you want to tell your ex?
  12. Just try and put things into perspective... I'm sure it feels bad at the min- but it will all be ok, I 'm sure : )
  13. Becca, hi - I am in something of a similar situation, although the circumstances are a little different. Maybe we can help each other.

    I am with my partner of 8 years, in my 30's, we own our own house and have a boy who is almost 4. Partner went a bit schizo during 1st preg, but is a great dad and we never wanted an only child. He knew I came off the pill at Xmas and I kept him fully informed of all the "danger" times etc, but mother nature played her game and I am 6 weeks pregnant.

    I am not looking for anybody to comment on how it all came about (like you said - no lectures please), but I am dealing with a partner telling me "the best thing to do would be abort".

    I too can't bear telling people because something that should be so happy is not always such a bed of roses. I never believed I would feel so numb about something that I should want so much. We are going for counselling, hopefully that will help us. If there is anything I can do or say to help you, please let me know. My thoughts are with you

    scoobie xx
  14. Thanks scoobie and I hope everything works out for you. I feel quite numb at the moment too...I certainly never imagined that the first time I got pregnant it would be like this.

    I'm not sure about telling my ex but I feel I ought to. We always had a pretty open and honest relationship and I dont have it in me to keep it from him. Besides he is in my extended group of friends so if I dont tell him I have a feeling someone else will.

    Thanks everyone you're keeping me sane at the mo...
  15. Speaking practically, are you in a position where you would be able to cope on your own? Do you have somewhere to live, an income, a good support network? The only reason I ask is that most women feel a certain amount of numbness when they find out it's actually real, but once the initial feelings die down, you just need to know how you would face it. I wouldn't bother trying to do all that just now though, too much of a head***k!!

    Isn't it ironic that at the one time a good stiff drink would really help, we're not allowed?!!
  16. I havent even got as far as thinking what Im going to do. All I keep thinking is I cant be pregnant and checking my top drawer to see if the test still says positive (it has done now for the past 2 hours). As I said before not really sure what to do with myself.

    I guess practially I could manage. I think you make things work if u really want to. But then I think I would definitely need support from ex and dont know if thats a good way to be thinking.

    Yeh a good drink would be nice now...might have one anyway.
  17. do it - thats exactly what I did first time round!! I am off to sort my son out now but I will be back on tomorrow.
    Hope you get some sleep x
  18. Thanks Scoobie I will try my hardest. Am knackered but somehow dont think its guna happen.
    Good luck and I'll speak 2 u soon x

    Everyone else - thank you for your kind comments I appreciate them all. x
  19. Take a deep breathe and put the drink down Becca.

    I'll look up some stuff on the net for you and post again in a minute, hang in there.


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Take some time to sort your head out Becca - no rash decisions, OK?

    Whatever you decide, I wish you well.

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