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Oooo! Conundrum - what would you do?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by revivaldrum, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Received two invitations to interview today both on the same day at almost the same time in London. Would obviously like to go to both. I have a preference but the other has already stated in their letter that scheduling is tight and can not be rearranged. Both well respected schools/organisations. Is it worth asking any to change?
  2. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    It is always worth asking! Never take for granted the fact that an interview means a job. There are lots of people trying to leave the UK at the minute so if I were you I would certainly try to rearrange one of them. The more you go to the more chance you have of getting a job.
    Good luck.

  3. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Somebody will probably tell me this is a bad idea, but in trying to reschedule things so that I could attend both interviews I would let both parties know that they were competing for my services. Why? Human beings are perverse: they are more inclined to want something if they think someone else is going to take it from them.
  4. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Agree with both of the above. Once I get to London to interview - and in spite of the many temptations offered by that city - I am there to work, by seeing as many victims as possible. So, having selected a person for a shortlist I will never merely shrug and kiss them goodbye if they bring up a scheduling problem.
    That's why the 'no-show' or 'last-minute CBA' brothers and sisters are so infuriating.
    The weirdest rescheduling of all time was when someone's flight was cancelled or brought forward or something - I can't remember the exact reason, but the outcome was an earnest confabulation about Science teaching and the IB, in the not-yet-serving breakfast room of my hotel at 0500 hrs. The candidate was female, and taking her up to the room, under the basilisk stare of the receptionist, seemed likely to strike a false note.
    So there's the advice, revivaldrum - offer one of those schools a 5AM gig, and you will find out how interested they are in you.

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