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Only teacher of Psychology

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by pati, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. no, but your half point will more than likely disappear once you are on U scale as it will over take it...................
  2. I'm a department of one - solely responsible for Psychology (2 groups in year 12 and two in year 13). I get a TLR point - the responsibilities are clearly more than those expected of an ordinary classroom teacher. Your management don't deserve you. There's an incredible shortage of psychology teachers. Move school and get the point you deserve!
  3. I have just seen a part time psychology post advertised in another school with TR+2.

    I was thinking I might apply for it but then its likely to attract every teaching in the area as its a fantastic school!

    I doubt I would get it coming from p*ssy bog comp and given my age.
  4. Burrhus, out of interest are you full or part-time?

    I'm teaching 2 A/S and 2 A2 classes, sole Psychology teacher and no TLR or management point or any extra free periods etc. But have been put on a .7 over five days, feel very p*ssed off. Not to mention 40 mile round trip!

    OK its been a bad week, but have decided to come out fighting for next September, any advice out there?
  5. viking maid - they have to try to leave you free to take on other work for the time you are not working for them. So push for them to free you up for at least 1 whole day in the week hon. Tell them you need to be able to take on more work elsewhere even if it is not true.
  6. Vikingmaid - I am full time - each of my 4 groups (2 x yr12 and 2 x yr13) has 10 periods a fortnight. So I'm teaching 40 out of 50 lessons (should only be doing 38 as Head of Dept). In my previous post I was the sole teacher of psychology and was part time (.7) and I had a management point there as well. Had to argue for it though. If you are doing the job well and the results are sound then you are in a strong position. Given that in most schools A Level psychology attracts large numbers of students and that being responsible for schemes of work, exam entries, attending all the relevant meetings, developing all the resources and doing all the relevant departmental/exam analysis/plans is not what the average classroom teacher does, then you should be paid for it. In my previous post, it was the threat to leave that did the trick. I did my first year with no management allowance, then saw the Head and pointed out that he now knew that psychology was safe in my hands(!)and that I was effectively operating as a head of dept but not being paid for it. He thought about it, claimed that the budget wouldn't stretch (they were in debt at the time) and said I'd have to wait another year. I said I would be leaving and the very same afternoon, the management point was mine. Risky, I know, but it really pisses me off when schools take advantage. There are loads of psychology posts out there with TLR points attached. Leave (if you can)!
  7. Thought I'd up date the situation. Having re-read this post, I can see how it went off track and became an excuse for ranting and sanctimonious hobbyhoursing and didn't really answer my question - but thank you to those who did! All I wanted to gauge was opinion on my chances of negotiating some more cash.

    Have now been awarded a retention allowance of 1k a year - not a lot after NI, tax, student loan and pension have all had their share. Had to get my union involved though.

    But, if you don't ask, you don't get. I was very naive and I would not advise anyone in my position to roll over and be grateful for being taken advantage of as some people seem to suggest I should have.
  8. *hobbyhorsing*
  9. When I was in college, I always wanted to make a career as a teaching of psychology. But things did not work out that way. But I am happy though teaching math.
    Independent School London

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