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Only just started & having doubts - is this normal!?????

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by NewToTA, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hi there
    I wanted to do pgce for a long time & finally started on a part time basis. However, only done a day & got 2 week observation starting tomorrow & already having doubts.
    I knew it would be hard work, especially with two young children & work and am usually quite focused and positive. BUT just, feel so stressed out already, feel like the whole thing is a big black cloud hanging over me and just want to cry as not sure I can fit it all in. Got so much reading to do already, plus assignment on placement with informal report to write at the end.
    Has anyone else felt like this? Is it 'do-able'. Don't know if I want to back out already or just tell myself to stop moaning & get on with it!
    Thanks x
  2. Hiya

    I am not on a PGCE but my course does entail a lot of time spent in school in addition to all of the academic requirements. I differ to you in that I am full time, not part time and I don't have a family or other responsibilities, however I have felt the way you are describing before. You say you have only done a day and have observations starting tomorrow, it doesn't sound like you've given it very much time to really know how you feel. I have found with certain things that the beginnings are tough and not enjoyable, but once you get through that stage you really enjoy what you're doing. I hope this doesn't sound patronising but I like to make a list of all the things that need to be done and arrange them by priority as if nothing else this allows me to feel more organised and able to think more clearly. Perhaps try to think about the end result rather than how you feel now? I hate certain aspects of my course and have at times debated leaving but I know that I want to be a teacher at the end of it, and sometimes you just have to put up with things that you don't like. Maybe give it some more time before you think about backing out?
  3. all the time. One thing that helped though was going on facebook and talking to course mates, many will feel the same as you - and maybe u can have a bit of a moan and a joke about it with them - certainly made me feel better.
    Don't worry, not that much can go wrong if you give a bad lesson at the end of the day really can it and your only training so are bound to not get everything at first, try not to worry
  4. somethingprofound

    somethingprofound New commenter

    It is really normal to feel overwhelmed on the PGCE. I am studying Primary full-time and so I am nearing the end but the pressure has been pretty much relentless from the beginning. One of my good friends on the course is studying full-time, she is a single mum to two young kids and she is managing. It is difficult for her, as for all of us, at times. I would say make sure you get the support you're entitled to as a parent - you can get money towards childcare if you use it, plus your univeristy should be able to arrange subsequent placements closer to where you live than you might otherwise get. These things might make life a bit easier.
    I had a similar experience to you, in the sense that I expected it to be hard, but was still overwhelmed at how much harder it was even than that. See how you feel when you start spending a lot more time with the kids. For me, that was the most enjoyable bit about being on placement, a lot of the rest of it is just ticking boxes to prove to the university you can do things. Try to remember why you wanted to teach in the first place, and that might help you to keep going.

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