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Only in a school for a term? References?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Bonnie23, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Bonnie23

    Bonnie23 Occasional commenter


    Some of you may be aware of my situation from previous posts. I've moved to a new school, and although it's fantastic and I'm enjoying it I really really really miss my family. I've recently posted this in workplace dilemmas but didn't get much of a response.

    There's a potential position coming up at a school near my family but as I've only been in my new job for less than three weeks I'm very worried about what the consequences there may be from the school. I'm currently in a permanent contract and just started in September.

    Would my headteacher refuse to give a reference? Could I be blacklisted from teaching in the area?

    Is there a way to make this easier to deal with? Should I organise a meeting with my headteacher or line manager?
    Thanks in advance!

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