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Only answer if you have more than 3 stone to lose...

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by cosmos, Jan 12, 2011.


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    This is what she's making.
    I knew that website was a bad idea!
    Cake anyone?
  2. Wow, Arched Eyebrow, but that's BRILLIANT! Remember, a little while ago you said it was just a coat rack - 3 times a week exercise is more than what most people do! Well done! [​IMG]
  3. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    You sound like me AE. I definitely need to lose over 3 stone but the problem is that I am just not bothered enough about it. I feel fit (at the moment), i do regular exercise, eat pretty healthily (apart from home made cake) and my man loves me the way i am. I also get terrible grumpiness and low blood sugar issues if i get too hungry and I already eat pretty low GI foods to combat this. How do I get motivated?
  4. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Don't eat less, eat more... I've lost 4 stone nearly, so I know this can work!
  5. May I modestly contribute my five and a half pounds first-week WW loss? I reckoned their new points thing was rubbish because I seemed to be eating a lot more but, burglary stress aside, it seems to be working.
  6. Opposite: am baffled at how I never stray outside the 25 BMI but kids ask me if I am pregnant!
  7. Another successful week, lost another 2lb. Now 12st 11lb. I have been I'll with tonsilitus though, it stopped me eating for two days.

    As for weight and dress size I will be a size 10 at 10 stone, we are all different. I am only 5ft 5in. I had a doc accuse me of being over weight when I was 21 so I showed him the label in my leather trousers....... Size 10' how's that over weight and told him to stuff his charts.

    I have calmed down some what now and I certainly don't wear leather trousers!

    I am now a very comfy size 16 heading towards a 14 and it's that, that drives me. Plus I don't want to waddle in a summer frock this year with my thighs rubbing together.

    I hope you all have a nice weekend
  8. Why, thank you Spool! Yes, I suppose a little exercise is better than none, but I have all day every day to be active. I am turning into a (contented) sloth, and that's why the weight doesn't shift.
    My hobbies don't involve movement really - reading, writing (mainly online) painting, music....I could pass my days sitting down and having a wonderful time..[​IMG]
    No wonder my ar.se has spread and has a shelf on it.
    I really should get out more..but I am so bloody contented doing my own thing. I have no need to be 'out there' if you know what I mean? I see family, friends and my man regularly so my social life is OK. The rest of the time I just erm....slob out.[​IMG]
    It must be a 'women of a certain age' thing, eh PM? [​IMG]
    I want to be slim but do I want it enough? I have eaten well today...Two Weetabix for brekky, scrambled egg on wholemeal toast (no butter) for lunch and that's it so far. I have had gallons of tea in between, naturally....
    Tonight man suggests we go out for a curry. Nice idea. Yes, if we do I should eat a chicken tikka salad starter and have no more. All my instincts cry out "Bo.llo.cks to that...." I mean, if you go out for an Indian, you have to have the works.....
    It's a mind game, isn't it...this slimming malarkey? It's all in the head I think. When the head is sorted out, my resistance and determination is so much stronger.
    (Apologies for sounding so defeatist..I am hoping someone understands...and well done to those who are doing well and losing the pounds.)
  9. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I understand AE. We were out to dinner last night and i could have had salad i suppose (why???) but has canneloni and galriv bread instead. I was good in that i didnt have any chocolates when we went back to the house for coffee. Am now going for a walk in the cold despite the fact i would rather stay in with my toys (hobbies i should say).
  10. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Congratulations! A brilliant start.
  11. Well, we went out for a curry last night and it wasn't tooooooo bad. I had one vegetable samosa, (deep fried, I know) a garlic chicken tikka, a tablespoonful of plain boiled rice (OH had the rest) and one chapatti. (sp?)
    However...I washed it all down with two halves of Cobra...that nice lager that goes so well with spicy food. I am not a big drinker....so why on earth didn't I order *sparkling water instead?
    It's all about being aware, conscious in the moment and tweaking whatever foods are in front of you so that you go for the healthiest option, isn't it? Some people wouldn't go for a curry in the first place because they understand the temptations, but my philosophy is that life is far too short to miss out on pleasurable occasions. The eating of food, in good company, is also a pleasure in my book.
    I am about trying to eat healthily, always, and cutting out junk foods. I need to move much more as well. No 'diet' as such for me, but I MUST grip the personal reins tighter. I allow myself too many food pleasures, and I know it.
    * I didn't have sparkling water because I so resent PAYING for water with a meal. I wash down foods with water when I am home, but paying for water goes against the grain, for me and OH. I'll be brave and ask for a glass of tap water next time I eat out I think.
  12. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Compromise - buy a drink (ONE drink), and ask for a jug of tap water to have on the table.
    If it's there, almost everyone drinks it...
  13. gergil4

    gergil4 New commenter

    Just come back from my brisk walk, for which I'm now part 'running'. I actually quite enjoyed it too. Smug and satisfied!! :))
  14. i am just back after a weekend away. Walked 3 miles today. The biggest thing this week is I put on 4 pounds after last weekend and not only has that gone but another 3 lb too.
  15. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Congratulations! Brilliant achievement.
    I don't quite have 3 stone to lose, but wouldn't mind losing about 1.5 to 2 stone. Realistically, I think 1.5 stone would be doable. However, I do like looking at all the weightloss threads for information and inspiration. I've been laid up after knee surgery, so have had no exercise for nearly 3 weeks - today was my first swim and felt great.
  16. No weight loss this week, but instead of frothing at the mouth I have to admit that I haven't been as good as I might have been..
    There was pudding, ice cream, wine......
    On the plus side - I haven't put any weight on
  17. Come on, AE, not even olympic sportspeople train all day! [​IMG]
    I am exactly like you. I think being in an old people's home when no one insists any more that I have to go outside will be the best part of my life! Provided there'll be internet in my room... [​IMG]
    I can relate to this as well, only it's coffee for me, gallons all day, decaf in the evening. I know some diet books say it slows down your metabolism etc., but I find it also takes hunger away and that's more important for me...
    Btw is anyone watching "Will My Crash Diet Kill Me?" I find some of it quite interesting: e.g. that chap who ate lots of meat, root vegetables, pears and kiwis and lost a stone in a week. It also just occurred to me that some of the media keeps telling you that crash diets are unhealthy - but when someone gets a gastric band or a bypass, it is followed by months of what is actually a crash diet: only liquids for I don't know how many weeks, and then tiny amounts of solid food. When I see documentaries about these people I always keep thinking that they could have done this without the op as well, you know, jump immediately to the next stage... And I think I've heard it somewhere that you can now get an "imaginary" gastric band, i.e. a hypnotherapist gets you to believe that you've had one... [​IMG]
  18. I have a meeting in a hour about my possible redundancy and am totally unable to swallow anything solid. Hmm wonder if this could be replicated daily!!!!
  19. gergil4

    gergil4 New commenter

    Now lost 8:25lb, and will be allowing myself some chocolate tonight. I find weighing in on a Monday stops any silly food at the weekend!
  20. Have now managed 8lbs in 4 weeks - gone from 12st2 to 11st8. I seem to be fairly consistent which is good. I don't mind slow and steady as long as it continues. I have also managed to get out of the medically obese category and I'm now merely very overweight. I've got a long way to go before I'm 'normal' though, being short can be such a nuisance.

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